Teigh Soon Whatt and family (Bukit Brown)

Chan Yen Pai and family (Bukit Brown)

Filial Piety - He Fed His Parents with Doe's Milk (Stories from the Stones)

Filial Piety - He Cried at His Mother's Grave When He Hears Thunder (Stories from the tiles)

Longevity Symbolism (Stories from the Stones)

Soh Chit Neo (Bukit Brown)

Filial Piety-He Dressed Up to Amuse His Parents (Stories from the Stones)

Khoo Boo Yeow and family (Bukit Brown)

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Brothers Lim Kim Siew and Lim Kim Hock (Bukit Brown)

Remembering Mary Chua (Qing Ming 2021)

Chua Kiat Neo nee Mrs. Lim Siew San (Bukit Brown)

Eddie Chan Sin Chuan (Bukit Brown)

Tan Soon Leong (Kopi Sua)

Tan Pheck Hong nee Mrs. Wee Aik Leng and family (Kopi Sua)

South Bridge Road - Lim Teck Lee (Images from the Past)


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