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 白友源 started visiting Bukit Brown Cemetery more than 10 years ago and has recorded about 1,000 grave owners so far, and has also helped many people find the footprints of their ancestors.白友源 (51 years old, technology project manager) is a nature lover. He first came into contact with Bukit Brown in 2010 when he went to the jungle near Ronny Road for bird watching activities. "There was a group of people gathered around the tomb, so I asked them about it out of curiosity and began to learn about the long history there."

He also learned that the government planned to build an expressway there , so he decided to work with like-minded "brownies" (people who are keen to unearth the historical treasures of Bukit Brown Cemetery) to preserve Bukit Brown. Over the years, 白友源 has recorded about 1,000 grave owners on his blog " Rojak Librarian ". He looked for clues from the name, year, children and other information on the tombstone, and searched a large amount of information to piece together a profile for people to query.

Rojak Librarian in action (Photo courtesy of Catherine Lai)

He said that compiling the information about the tomb owner was entirely out of his passion for Bukit Brown, hoping that someone would remember these precious pieces of history. What moved him most was that his efforts also helped people find their roots. "I am very happy to see that many young people are following genealogy and want to understand their ancestors." In addition to recording the tombs, 白友源 and "Brownie" also collaborated with the National Heritage Board and other organizations to organize guided tours to introduce the little-known features of Bukit Brown, such as colorful bricks, tomb guard statues, and the natural environment.

Due to ecological considerations, I never visit Bukit Brown after dark. Although he is a frequent visitor to Bukit Brown, 白友源 has never visited after dark. He explained that doing so was not a taboo, but out of consideration for natural ecology. "There are a lot of nocturnal animals out there and I don't want to disturb them." Regarding the public’s nighttime intrusion into Bukit Brown, 白友源 hopes that people will respect the history and culture, instead of pretending to be mysterious and distorting people’s impression of the place.

白友源 believes that Bukit Brown is like a museum, and every visit has a different experience. Today Bukit Brown is not a protected area and faces the possibility of redevelopment. 白友源 said: "We will do our best to protect it and pass it on to the next generation."

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