Saturday, July 23, 2011

Spotted my second Colugo

Had this in my draft and totally forgotten about it. I spotted for the second time this year, a colugo in broad daylight on a tree. This time around, it was a tree located near the railway bridge at railway mall. I was on a walk on the 17th July with friends enjoying the last week where the tracks are open to public, a walk from Bukit Timah station to railway mall bridge, a walk than spans across two steel bridges and passes the fringe of Rifle  Range forested area and Bukit Timah nature reserve.

After crossing the bridge at railway mall, on the left is a forested area. 25 meters away from the tracks, was a tree with a colugo attached to it !

Digital zoom of the Colugo

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Blue-tailed bee eater's sunbathing on the road

While i was at Bukit Brown cemetery on a hot sunny afternoon  and while on a path, got to see this funny and yet puzzling sight - a group of blue-tailed bee eater's sunbathing on a tar path. They flew from a tree nearby and landed on a tar road and then started to lie flat on the road !  They seem to be soaking in the afternoon sun and by the looks of it enjoying themselves without a care in the world !

Sunbathing blue-tailed bee eaters
All spread out