Saturday, January 05, 2008

Crimson-Winged or Banded Woodpecker?

Was at Ubin this morning and with a few more private property fences removed, i decided to explore one of the many "durian dusun" (durian orchard) over there...not in search of Ubin durians, but rather woodpeckers !!...

I was rewarded with this sightings i took using my digitial camera.

Not really an expert in bird id and lacking eye for the minute details, i was slightly confused...although still very much happy to see 4-5 woodpeckers on the orchard i was in.

Initially i thought it was a Banded woodpecker(picus miniaceus), but from the description from the book -A Field Guide to Birds of Southeast Asia by Craig Robson describing the differences between Banded vs Crimson Winged (picus puniceus), i felt that what i say and with the pics above and below,this is a Crimson-winged woodpecker.

Unless of course i took pics of different woodpeckers !! (i.e both banded and crimson)

If any experts out there have any constructive comments , i would be glad to receive some.