Thursday, August 16, 2007

Chek Jawa - Part II

More photos from Chek Jawa and it's surrounding.

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Chek Jawa revisited -Part I

The last time i was in Chek Jawa was in Aug 07 and  have not been back ever since NParks took over and made it mandatory to for visitors to register. So here i am again (I did not register as it was already full -but i decided to just go in anyway). Not to worry, if you have not registered, you can still go folks, but do take note -you can only take the Board walk and not go down to the sand banks of Chek Jawa.

The main thing you will notice after passing a gate is the new information counter manned by NParks with a ceiling fan above. (wah so modern already)

New rest area with some facilities

View of Chek Jawa is still lovely with the execption you can't walk in the mudflats -just take photos:

Check out my next postings for pictures of chek jawa board walk and its surrounding area.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Sime Forest Butterflies

Sime Forest Butterflies spotted along the trail.

Cruiser (Male)

Sime Forest Amphibians

Some images of the wild life around Sime Forest. Don't know what frog and lizard it is but if any experts familiar with amphibians, can comment?