Thursday, March 31, 2005

What the hell -its totally booked !!! -Chek Jawa

From the NParks website !!!! Chek Jawa is fully booked for the next 3 man..
The NParks officer at Pulau Ubin Hotline (Tel: 6542-4108 ; 6545-4761 ) were friendly and gave good advise..booked early (groan)
I am going try my luck in April..hopefully someone cancels !! Will keep u informed if i can go Chek Jawa during a low tide...Wish me luck.
Date Registration Time Remarks

3rd Apr 05 (Sun) 10.30 am Fully booked

4th Apr 05 (Mon) 12.30 pm Fully booked

5th Apr 05 (Tue) 1.30 pm Fully booked

6th Apr 05 (Wed) 2.30 pm Fully booked

7th Apr 05 (Thur) 3.30 pm Fully booked

8th Apr 05 (Fri) 3.30 pm Fully booked

14th Apr 05 (Thur) 8.00 am Fully booked

15th Apr 05 (Fri) 8.00 am Fully booked

30th Apr 05 (Sat) 8.00 am Fully booked

1st May 05 (Sun) 8.00 am Fully booked

14th May 05 (Sat) 8.00 am Fully booked

28th May 05 (Sat) 8.00 am Fully booked

29th May 05 (Sun) 8.00 am Fully booked

30th May 05 (Mon) 8.00 am Fully booked

12th Jun 05 (Sun) 8.00 am Fully booked

13th Jun 05 (Mon) 8.00 am Fully booked

26th Jun 05 (Sun) 8.00 am Fully booked

27th Jun 05 (Mon) 8.00 am Fully booked

28th Jun 05 (Tue) 8.00 am Fully booked

Monday, March 28, 2005

Chek Jawa Revisited -28.03.05

It's been a long long time since i went Chek Jawa. In the past there was no need to register to visit it during low tides. Anyway today when i went down was not during low tide (did not check the tide table) but just wanted to visit and see what changes were made over there....And indeed a lot of changes.
1) coastal route path widen to make it easy for cyclers to go thru. One of the new path passes thru exactly the site where the former Ubin mosque was.
2) Chek Jawa inside clean-up with new trees planted.
3) The well at Chek Jawa - pail removed.

Here are some of the other photos i took.
Here is Chek Jawa during high tide with its treasures and marine wonders well hidden away from the prying eyes of humans. May look unimpressive now, but during low (

Pulai Tree -landmark on way to Chek Jawa and mystery of tombstone.

This is a landmark tree. It can be seen from bumboat from mainland on way to ubin and marks the 3/4 point to ubin. Directly at the foot of tree are 2 malay /muslim tombstones
1 Adult man and 1 female or child.
Don't no why they buried there ! Anyone know the story to this ?
pulai Tree Posted by Hello

small snake on coastal route.

The snake trying to find a place to snack with its recently caught meal (a lizard) - I am not an expert with snakes but i think it is called Cohn's Bronzeback (Dendrelaphis striatus)
source of opinion: A Photographic Guide to Snakes and other Reptiles of Peninsular Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. Merel J.Cox, Peter Paul Van Dijk, Jarujin Nabhitabhata & Kumthorn Thirakhupt. New Holland Publishers (UK) Ltd, 1988.
another view of snake with prey Posted by Hello

Lunch time for a small snake

Snake with a lizard in mouth

Source of water for cottage.

The cistern located on the grounds beside the cottage. Look at the creepers growing up to cistern itself on your right.
Water cistern for the cottage Posted by Hello

english cottage near Chek Jawa

This cottage in the middle of the jungle seems to transported from England to Ubin. The main house is 2 storey high with servants quarters attached. Overlooking pulau sekudu, this cottage has its own personal jetty.
Ubin Posted by Hello

Kampung House in Ubin

Malay house (on the way to Chek Jawa) Posted by Hello

Friday, March 25, 2005

Sg Buloh Wetland Reserve

Was at the Sungai Buloh Nature Reserve (Sg Buloh means Bamboo River in Malay) on the 26/2/05 with my girlfriend.

It was a lovely day (not too hot) and because it was a Sat, the bus does not go all the way in to the nature reserve, but stops outside at the Kranji Reservoir. So we took a nice stroll along the Kranji Nature Trail that ends at entrance of the Buloh Wetland and when we step into the visitor's /info counter , we were greeted with the lovely sight of an iguana sun bathing (yup iguana -not monitor lizard ok). We saw it thru a spotting scope of a Sg. Buloh volunteer at the cafe beside the pond. The iguana was huge !!!-i think about 2-3 foot long.

The bridge leading to the reserve was going thru maintenance so did not linger there for long but went straight into the reserve proper with healthy mangrove trees everywhere.

we managed to see many birds (the natives and also migratory ones on their way home). It was sight to behold and some of the positive id's include
  • 3 Stork-billed Kingfisher (one of the largest kingfishers here)
  • 1 Great Egrets
  • 10-12 Little Egrets
  • Pink Necked Pigeon
  • 1 Yellow Bittern
  • Little Heron
  • White-bellied Sea Eagle (with some feathers on wing missing)
  • 1 Grey Heron
  • Copper /Purple throated sunbird (not sure)

Shorebirds /waders (migratory birds) that i saw and could positively id

  • pacific golden plower
  • common redshank
  • common greenshank
  • terek sandpiper ( ? not sure if 100% correct)
  • marsh sandpiper
  • Whimbrels (lots of them)

While passing the rivers,we saw fishes jumping out the water !! wonder why they do that !! Overall a lovely day indeed.. On the way back, saw a bat hidden behind some shrubs, upside down with face covered by its wings..(just like Dracula)..hahah

Finally got to post up the photos i took. Share some of them with you including the snake we saw (don;t know what snake lah).

another pic of same snake Posted by Hello

Attractive sunbird- Sg Buloh (purple or copper throated ???) Posted by Hello

Saw a snake in Sg Buloh. Posted by Hello

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Pulau Ubin (Pulau -malay word for Island)

Welcome to Ubin 
Finally, i have learned how to upload photos!! So, what i did was to upload some of the recently taken photos of my favourite island , Ubin. I went recently with a friendly to the highest hill (yup there is no mountain there) in Ubin called Bukit Puaka (Malay for haunted hill) .....It is a very very tall, tall hill.....about 74 m high...(hahaha).

Want to find out more about Ubin, i recommend this fantastic website by real lovers of the island:

Enjoy !!!!

The rhino rock (cause it look like rhino lah !!) Posted by Hello

Swallow on the rhino rock (Ubin) Posted by Hello

Ubin village-low tide Posted by Hello

Mangrove trees (i think they are called Api-api -fire fire -in Malay -i think good to be used as firewood /charcoal) welcomes you at the jetty in Ubin..The rhino rock is also a feature there during low tide. The Api -api trees were blooming !!!! Beautiful lah.

flower of Sonneratia alba or Perepat -Ubin Posted by Hello (with thanks to Sivasothi for identifying it)

Ficus tree in bloom (Ubin) Posted by Hello

What we came to check out for -Monkey''s Pot

Don't ask me the scientific name of this plant, (cannot remember) but i came to revisit Puaka to check on the "health" of this plants to ensure that it is still striving in the hills of Puaka.

Monkey's pot -close up Posted by Hello

Changeable lizard at Bukit Puaka

Native reptile at Puaka Posted by Hello My friend told me this is called a Changeable lizard !!!!

Puaka Hill, Ubin Island

Puaka (malay for haunted) Hill is the highest hill in Ubin Island and the view from here is breath taking at best. On a good day, you will be able to see both Malaysia and mainland Singapore.

more view from Puaka Posted by Hello

View from Puaka hill

view from Puaka hill, Pulau Ubin (Ubin Island) - nice or not? Posted by Hello

View from Puaka (with back view of friend)-haha Posted by Hello

Monkey's Pot (Bukit Puaka -Ubin) Posted by Hello