Kam Keng Siang (Bukit Brown)

Kam Keng Siang was born in China at 12 noon on Monday 30 October 1865 and passed away at the age of 61 at 4pm on 11 January1926 at his residence in No 22 and 22-1 Kerbau Lane. 
He leaves behind his widow, 
four sons; Kam Swee Hin, Kam Swee Guan, Kam Swee Beng, Kam Swee Kiat, 
two daughters; Kam Swee Neo, Kam Swee Bee, 
a son-in-law, Chua Cheng Quee and several grandchildren. 

I found out from oral conversation  in 2024 from their descendants that Mr. Kam Keng Siang was a Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner  and proprietor of Chop Ban San.

Tomb of Kam Keng Siang and Tay Choo Neo (updated 2024) 

Tomb of Kam Keng Siang and Tay Choo Neo (updated 2024)

Mr. Kam Keng Siang and Madam Tay Choo Neo 

Mr. Kam Keng Siang and Madam Tay Choo Neo

The No 22 and 22-1 Kerbau Lane was a property he bought in 1913 at the Ching Keng Lee & Co. property auction at 3204 sq feet for $4150. Probate of his will was granted to Tay Choo Neo, Kam Swee Guan and Kam Swee Beng who were appointed to be trustee to Kam Keng Siang's estate.


Wife: Tay Choo Neo
Tay Choo Neo was born in China at 7pm on 23 October 1869 and passed away at 3am on 14 December 1938. On the burial registrar she was listed as 69 years old.

Son: Kam Swee Hin
Cashier at Messrs. Ching Keng Lee & Co.

Son: Kam Swee Guan
Kam Swee Guan married Khoo Wah Neo (daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Khoo Teng Hin).
Kam Swee Guan passed away at the age of 44 on 6 August 1942.
Khoo Wah Neo passed away on 20 September 1962.

Kam Swee Guan passed away at the age of 44 on 6 August 1942.  In a 1933 article, Kum Swee Guan was listed as the Chairman of the Popular Aerated Works Limited that went into Voluntary Liquidation on December 1933. 

Kam Swee Guan
Kam Swee Guan

Madam Khoo Wah Neo passed away away at the age of 83 on 20 September 1982. She is survived by:
Son: Luke Kam Eng Cheong
Daughter-in-law: Nellie Gan
Daughter: Lily Kam
Son-in-law: Peter Tan
Adopted Son: Phua Tin Loon
Adopted Daughter-in-law: Ivy Chiam
Adopted daughter: Irene Pang
Adopted son-in-law: Justin Heng
Grandchildren: Pearl Kam, Penny Kam, Phyllis Kam, Michael Tan, Merlin Tan, Michelle Tan
Grandchildren-in-law: Ronnie Chia, Anthony Lau, Dina Lim
Great-grandchildren: Wesley Chia, Marc Tan 
The cortege left from 31 Elizabeth Drive. 

Khoo Wah Neo nee Mrs. Kam Swee Guan

Daughter: Kam Swee Neo and Kam Swee Bee
Kam Swee Neo married Chua Cheng Quee  / Chua Cheng Kwee, youngest son of the late Chua Hoh Seng on 16 January 1922. Kam Swee Neo unfortunately passed away and Chua Cheng Kwee married Kam Swee Bee. 

William Chua (3rd son of the late Mr. Chua Cheng Kwee and Madam Kam Swee Bee) married Maggie Ee (4th daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ee Soon Kwee on 18 December 1971). 

Chop Ban San 

Chop Ban San was owned by millionaire Low Kim Pong.  Low Kim Pong residence was at No. 19 Devonshire Road and was a member of the Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce, Chinese Advisory, Poh Leung Kuk and visiting justice to St. John Island. Low Kim Pong together with another trader raised half a million to build the Siong Lim Temple in Jalan Toa Payoh. He passed away on December 1909 at the age of 72. On 2 December 1915, it was reported that his properties and estates fetched $281,050.  On 26 September 1921 there was another auction of Low Kim Pong which included Chinese Dispensaries known as Chop Ban San Chan, Chop Ban San and Chop Tong Ann Tong. Included in this auction was his former residence, No. 19 Devonshire Road of 79,754 square feet (which was sold to Mr. Lim Cheng Sah for $35,000). 

It was reported total sale was $161,197.84 (but not all properties were sold). The most important take away was that all the goodwill, book debts and rights of the Chinese Dispensary "Chop Ban San" was bought by Mr. Kam Keng Siang  for $2000. 

Chop Ban San 


Hill 1 Block B plot 65 and 66 (very close to Triple Lim tomb)


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[updated on 4 May 2024]


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