Khoo Teng Hin and family (Bukit Brown)

Khoo Teng Hin was a property owner and dealer. He was also a committee member of the Tiang Ho Kok Association before becoming its Vice-President in 1932.
Khoo Teng Hin
Mr and Mrs Khoo Teng Hin

Khoo Teng Hin together with Tiang Ho Kok Association members


Khoo Teng Hin passed away on 11 September 1938 at the age of 59. Madam Lim Chye Kim passed away on 5 June 1933 at the age of 52. On his tomb, listed are the name of his children;
Sons: Khoo Eng Teck, Khoo Eng Wah, Khoo Eng Chye, Khoo Eng Watt, Khoo Eng Poh, Khoo Eng Tee, Khoo Eng Tin, Khoo Eng Cheng, Khoo Eng Hock, Khoo Eng Chuan, Khoo Eng Choon,Khoo Eng Tong, Khoo Eng Chiong, Khoo Eng Hong
Daughters: Khoo Wan Neo, Khoo Eng Neo, Khoo Seong Neo, Khoo Lee Neo, Khoo Sim Neo, Khoo Hye Neo
Grandchildren: Khoo Chin Beow, Khoo Cheng Wee, Khoo Cheng Lim, Khoo Cheng Lock, Khoo Cheng Soon and Khoo Cheng Bee

Tomb of Mr and Mrs Khoo Teng Hin 


Father: Khoo Ban Seng 
Khoo Ban Seng passed away at age of 76 on February 8, 1924 at his residence in No 5 Shanghai Road. The paper said that he is survived by two sons; Messrs. Khoo Teng Hin and Khoo Teng Leong and 16 grandchildren. The funeral was held on February 17, 1924 at Selat Road Cemetery. Madam Ho Lek Neo , the mother of Khoo Teng Hin and Khoo Teng Leong passed away on January, 1912.

Son: unknown
There was a report on the papers that on December 9, 1923, that the eldest son of Khoo Teng Hin drowned while swimming off sea at 6 3/4 mile, Pasir Panjang. No name was mentioned.

Son: Khoo Eng Teck
Secretary of the Shanghai Badminton Party, Khoo Eng Teck together with his brothers, Khoo Eng Wah and Khoo Eng Poh were office bearers as well. His brother, Khoo Eng Wah was also in badminton.

Son: Khoo Eng Wah
Khoo Eng Wah (the third son of the late Mr and Mrs Khoo Teng Hin) passed away at the age of 39 at his residence at No. 35 Koek Road, Syonan on May 27, 1945. He is survived by his wife, 2 sons, 4 daughters and several brothers. He is buried in Bukit Brown in Hill 4 Division A. Khoo Eng Wah's wife, Madam Wee Swee Neo is the daughter of Majoor Wee Boon Teng. One of Khoo Eng Wah's son, Khoo Cheng Lim was the Chairman of URA from 1987-2001.

Son: Khoo Eng Poh 
Khoo Eng Poh left school in 1925 and worked in a commercial firm for several years and got married. He then became a medical student and graduated from King Edward VII College of Medicine as a dental surgeon. During his college years, he was the first dental student to be elected to be the Medical College Union President.

Son: Khoo Eng Tee
Khoo Eng Tee (seventh son of Khoo Teng Hin and the late Madam Lim Chye Kim) married Miss Cheang Seok Hean Neo alias Mary Cheang ( third daughter of Mr. Cheang Jim Chuan and the late Madam Chan Kim Hong Neo ) on February 1938.
Khoo Eng Tee and Cheang Seok Hean

Son: Khoo Eng Tin (William Khoo Eng Tin)
Khoo Eng Tin joined the British Army as a civilian officer. He married Madam Lily Wee (daughter of Wee Kheng Cheng and Madam Khoo Yang Neo) in October 1944. They have four children, Madam Helen Khoo Chiew Gek, Mr. George Khoo Chin Beng,  Mr. Richard Khoo Chin Chye, Madam Margaret Khoo Poh Gek. Khoo Eng Tin passed away on March 29, 1989 at the age of 71.

Location of tomb 

Khoo Teng Hin is buried in Hill 3 Section D, plot 867.

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