Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Istana and "Let there be peace

Took this photo at the Istana (or palace in malay) on Sunday 7th August. The istana is the offical residence of the President of Singapura

This sculpture was done by Alexandra Nechita and is titled "Let there be Peace".

The istana is lovely place indeed and centrally located at Orchard road area (closer to Plaza Singapura)

Visit Nechita's website for more information about this talented artist and her sculptures.
Visit the istana"official website (for its history, etc). Better still, visit the istana when it is open to the public .

Till my next post......Ta ta.

Retired Librarians wins US$1.6million jackpot

A 57 retired librarian by the name of Jacquelyn Sherman (who happens to be a New Orleans Hurriance Katrina storm victim) won US$1.6 million via a slot machine at a casino (Evangeline Downs racetrack & casino in Opelousas).

sigh....i am still waiting for my turn. Hopefully i don't have to be (a) Retired by then (b) a Hurricance victim.

In the meantime, i will continue to "hope" by putting in $2 on toto every Monday and Tuesday. Wish me luck folks.

source: The Tide Online, 16 Oct 2005
People News, 12 Oct 2005

Thursday, October 06, 2005

To blog or not to blog.....

Been pretty busy lately with work and have not been posting for a couple of months since recovering from dengue.
Yup, i fell victim to dengue and became one of the many statistics of people who caught dengue.

1) Getting dengue really sucks....
2) The 1 week MC i got was not enough...(i still felt so tired)
So folks, take the necessary precaution if you can, but no need until spray yourself silly everytime you go out.

The National Environment Agency even came up with website on weekly updates of dengue hotspots . Not bad ah!! i just hope the mosquito(es) are not Internet savvy and check out this website and move to other spots, before the relevant agencies take action..hahaha.

For those of you out there, take care. Live long and prosper.