Saturday, May 25, 2019

Lim Keng Swee, Violet (Bukit Brown)

Miss Lim Keng Swee (Violet) was 4 years old when she passed away on 12th August 1925. On her lead etched tomb, i can only make out the following words:

In Loving Memory of Lim Keng Swee (Violet)
The dearly beloved daughter of 
Mr and Mrs Lim Chong Swee

I had difficulty reading the date of death of the tomb as the lead etching have fallen off and moss gathered over. Fortunately the neighbouring tomb gave me indication for the month and year to look for in the burial registrar and from the records, i know that Violet Lim was very young when she passed away and is buried in Hill 1 Division F, plot 1.

Miss Lim Keng Swee, Violet (4 years old)

Burial entry for Lim Keng Swee


Searching for the parents of Violet Lim, Mr and Mrs Lim Chong Swee came with some results of which begins in 1915 with a Mr. Lim Chong Swee, second son of the late Mr. Lim Kee Hin of Malacca getting married to the eldest daughter of Mr. Lee Chim Bong (granddaughter of Mr. Lee Leng Kiat of Amoy Street of Singapore).

Another features an engagement notice in 1938 of Miss Lim Keng Chiew, Margaret (eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lim Chong Swee) and Mr. Peck Seck Beng, Albert (eldest son of Mr. & Mrs. Tan Bin Chiat and the late Mr. Peck Cheng Bong).

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Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Madam Chua Cheng Neo (Bukit Brown)

Mrs. Tay Geok Swee nee Chua Cheng Neo passed away at the age of 32 on 19th February 1927 at her residence in No. 562 Geylang Road. She is survived by her husband, 3 sons, 1 daughter. Madam Chua Cheng Neo is buried in Hill 2 Division C, plot 227

From the tomb, i can make out the names of the son as Tay Khim Li (Eley), Tay Khim Loh (Taddy), Tay Khim Poon (Sunny).

Wednesday, May 08, 2019

Oh Tiang Soo and family (Bukit Brown)

Oh Tiang Soo passed away on 24th November 1942. He is buried in Hill 4 Division C, plot 1871. Listed the name of his children on the tomb are his sons; Oh Sin Inn and Oh Sin Teck and daughter; Oh Kim Soh. Beside him is the tomb of Mrs. Oh Tiang Soo (nee Khoo Pek Yong Neo alias Besar) who passed away at the age of 51 at her residence at No 129 Pasir Panjang Road ( 6 1/4 mile) on 9th January 1940. She is survived by her two sons; Oh Sin Inn and Oh Sin Teck and daughter; Oh Kim Soh.


Father: Oh Kee Chuan
Mr. Oh Kee Chuan was the founder of the business in Robinson Road, Singapore, carried on under the style of Chuan & Co., commission agents, general dealers, and canteen suppliers to the British and foreign navies and the mercantile marine. They have  a large stock, and guarantee their goods. Mr. Oh Kee Chuan was born in 1871 in Singapore. He started life as a gutta merchant in 1892, and in 1900 established the present business. He is a landed proprietor and a member of the Sporting Club and the Weekly Entertainment Club. He has one son, Mr. Oh Tiang Soo, aged eighteen years, who is married and in business with his father. Oh Kee Chuan gave up interest of his business, Chuan & Co on April 1908 and this was transferred to his son, Oh Tiang Soo. In 1910, Oh Kee Chuan was appointed as the Compradore for The Great Eastern Life Assurance Company, Limited as of 1 November, 1910.

Oh Kee Chuan 
In a 1908 article, it was mention that the business of Chuan & Co. as of 9th March 1908, has since been carried out by Tjia Kim Boh and Oh Tiang Soo as partner. In that article, Tjia Kim Boh was listed as Oud-Luitenant der Chineezen, Palembang  (Former Lieutenant of Palembang). Chuan & Co was listed to be in No 18 and 19 Robinson Road.

Mother: Tay Soon Neo
Madam Tay Soon Neo, wife of Oh Kee Chuan passed away at the age of 49 on 31 August 1921. She is survived by Oh Tiang Soo, Oh Tiang Hock and Oh Choo Neo and son-in-law, Mr. Tan Eng Chuan. According to the article, she lay interred at Sang Kow Tia.

Sister: Oh Choo Neo (Mrs. Tan Eng Chuan)
Oh Choo Neo passed away at the age of 41 at her residence at No 181 Onan Road on 24 June 1937. She is survived by her husband, 4 sons; Masters Tan Lian Wah, Tan Bang Soo, Charlie Tan, Willie Tan. Madam Oh Choo Neo is buried in Bukit Brown.

Son: Oh Sin Inn
The marriage of Oh Sin Inn, eldest son of Mr. Oh Sin Inn and the late Mrs. Oh Sin Inn (nee Besar) to Miss Tan Hood Neo, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Tan Boon Seng took place on 6th October 1940.

Tomb of Mr and Mrs Oh Tiang Soo

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Saturday, May 04, 2019

Peck Teck Kian and family (Bukit Brown)

Peck Teck Kian passed away at the age of 79 on 5th July 1966 at General Hospital, leaving behind his wife, 2 sons, Peck Leng Poh, Peck Leng Thong, 4 daughters, 2 daughter-in-laws, 3 son-in-laws ( Tan Teng Kau, Low Peng Boon, Yeo Khian Swee), 14 grandchildren, 1 grandson-in-law to mourn his loss. The cortege left from 56 Neil Road for Bukit Brown.  Mrs. Peck Teck Kian (Madam Tan Siew Eng) passed away at the age of 82 on 27th April 1971 leaving behind  a son, Peck Leng Thong, 4 daughters, 2 daughters-in-law, 3 sons-in-law, 14 grandchildren, 3 grandsons-in-law, 2 Great grand daughters-in law, 2 great grandchildren to mourn her loss. The Cortege left from 56 Neil Road. They are buried in Hill 4 Division A, plot 337 and 347.

Peck Teck Kian and Madan Tan Siew Eng

Tomb of Mr and Mrs Peck Teck Kian in Hill 4 Division A

56 Neil Road

The house of Peck Teck Kian (at least up to 1970's were they lived there can been seen from the old pictures below. The house still exist today and houses the Singapore Corporate Office of Wilmar Trading.

56 Neil Road (source: PictureSG)

56 Neil Road (source: PictureSG)


Mother: Madam Yap Woo Neo (Mrs Peck Chin Kiat)
Madam Yap Woo Neo (Mrs Peck Chin Kiat) passed away on October 1, 1935 at the age of 69 ( listed in the newspaper as 72 years old) at her residence in  No 167 Neil Road and is buried just behind him. Her grave is easily identifiable as it has two sikh guards guarding the tomb.  She is survived by 2 sons (Peck Teck Chye and Peck Teck Kian), 1 daughter (Peck Gim Siew), 2 daughters in law, 6 grandsons, 10 granddaughters.

Madam Yap Woo Neo

Brother: Peck Teck Chye
Peck Teck Chye passed away on December 17, 1935 at the age of 54 at his residence in No 157 Neil Road and his survived by one son, Peck Hoe Seng and 4 daughters, Mrs Lee Hoon Siong (Peck Geok Hong), Mrs Tay Siong Beng, Peck Geok Cheok and Peck Geok Bee. He is buried in Bukit Brown.

Brother: Peck Teck Chee
Peck Teck Chee worked as a shipping clerk at a company called Hooglandt & Co. Peck Teck Chee was also a committee member of the Amateur Sporting Association and the Eng Wah Kok Association. He died at the age of 33 on August 14, 1928 at his residence in No 81 Kampong Bahru Road , leaving behind his aged mother (Madam Yap Woo Neo), his widow (a daughter of Mr Hoe Eng Watt) , two children, his elder brothers, Peck Teck Chye and Peck Teck Kian.  His grave however list that he had 3 children, two son's (Peck Seng Giap and Peck Seng Khee) and a daughter (Peck Chwee Tee)

Son and Mother

The tombs of Mr Peck Teck Chee (LTA peg no. 1875) and his mother, Madam Yap Woo Neo (LTA peg no 1876) no longer exist in Bukit Brown as they were in the path of Lornie Road aka Bukit Brown Highway.

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