Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Oriental Pied Hornbill having a moth feast

Brought my friends who never been to Ubin for a short stroll on a nice Saturday morning, 5th Feb. Along one of the trail's that led to the herb farm, we came across a solitary male hornbill flying low from tree to tree. Observing it for a while, i realise it was hunting for moths !

I wasn't sure what species of moth it was eating, but from size description, it was pretty large. Judging from the look's of it the hornbill has done this many times has every swoop seems to rewarded with a moth in it's bill.  It flew so close i could hear the sound's created by its wing flapping.

Standing still, i was rewarded with this shot of the hornbill with a moth in its bill. This is my first time seeing the oriental pied hornbill feasting on moth but i believe there reports of such behaviour reported by the Bird Ecology Study Group.

Another thing i noted from the photo i took was that this male hornbill was "ringed" before.

 Anyone in NParks recognise this magnificent bird? Was it ring while its nest or captured and ring recently...?