Saturday, November 24, 2007

A nice morning walk in Ubin

Finally back in Ubin after a long break (i was away on holiday in Yunnan) and was rewarded in the morning with a sighting of a Hornbill. It was only 15m from me and obviously enjoying himself having a nice papaya breakfast.

Other sightings include confirmed sighting of Straw Headed Bulbul, Brahminy Kite and Dollar Bird. Unable to clearly id a plover and a beautiful woodpecker (olive color on breast). I am so rusty !!!!!

One of the little wonders of ubin is the quarry nearest to jetty that has become a confirmed nesting ground for Grey Herons and "hang-out of little, intermediate and even a couple of Great Egrets.

Just spent about two and half hours in Ubin and was overjoyed with such sightings. Can't wait to go again.