Monday, November 20, 2006

Library Assistant jailed

Aiyoh !this guy gave librarianship a bad name ! ...a library staff from Hong Kong was sentenced to two months jail for molesting Ella Koon Yun, a singer /actress. Mr Law Hin-Fat, 24, a trainee library assistant grabbed the star and forcibly kissed her during a televised show at Hong Kong's Gold Coast

Definitely this "trainee"needs to be fired !!

"Loner kisses freedom goodbye", The Standard Sat-Sun, Nov 18-19, 2006

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Penang -the sights and mostly Penang laksa

Made a trip to Penang on the 28th June to stock up my tummy on good old Penang food, Penang laksa........

We went to Air Itam to take a look at the famous temple.......and use that has a good excuse to catch on Penang laksa....

And by the way photos of the work in progress Kwan Yin Ma...

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Collared Scoop owl "captured" in the afternoon

Captured this images of what i believe is a collared scoop owl outside of geylang east library today at 12.30 in the afternoon. What captured our attention was the fact that two house crows were harrasing /pecking/scratching the owl and we quickly rush in and chase the crows away before they could do
anymore damage.

The crows did not fly away far but stayed closed to see whether they could do more damage !!!

Hence we "policed the situation"for another few minutes and even haboured thoughts on how we can safe it and pass is to the good folks in nature society..

I approached closer and manage to get some shots using my nokia handphone of the owl...before it flew away, followed closely by one crow..i tried to give chase but could not see anymore where they flew....Hope the owl managed to get away........

A interesting experience indeed to see an owl in broad day light as well as pesky crows in action !!!!!

I found out from the Bird Ecology Group's blog that this has happened before. I encourage you to go to their blog. It is a really must read blog for true bird lovers and people who really are interesting in studying the behaviour of birds in the wild....

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Interesting unknown tree along Tampines St 12

Unidentified tree

Spotted this tree [can't recognise it ] along Tampines Street 12, in front of Tampines Sec School.

Really interesting as the pods or seeds [?] seems to come out directly from the trunk itself..

The end of the old Changi General Hospital ?

Saying goodbye to old Changi General Hospital

Read in the papers in May 27 or 26 (read from Channel NewsAsia) that  there will be on a public tender for reuse of the place by the Singapore Land Authority. In short it could end up as an hostel. Not to pre-judge on this, but well..the ghostly charm could be gone soon !!.

Anyway took the opportunity to revisit the place again and here are some of the photos i took using my Nokia Handphone (2 megapixel)

Corridor (3rd floor)
Corridor (2nd floor) 

Overlooking Ubin 
Overlooking Ubin 

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

My posting appeared on

Yesterday, my "buaya" posting appeared on - a bulletin of Singapore bloggers..

Kind of feel like i belong to a virtual community of fellow Singapore bloggers now....sob sob..

Thanks ssf for taking time to read and for submitting the article on the estuarine crocodile to

Sg Buloh indeed is a jewel of a place. Every visit reveals different wonders.... Do visit the place every year if you can folks !!

Monday, February 20, 2006

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Estuarine Crocodile at Sg Buloh, Singapore.

Started another memorable day with a trip to Sg. Buloh to look at shore birds / migratory birds and i was rewarded with this shot on our way back after a usual birdwatching trip. It is a wild estuarine crocodile spotted near the main bridge of Visitor Centre...(between Hide 1 and 1a). It was just lying still basking in the shade of the sun. It is about 1.6 m long and i was told by one of the Sg. Buloh volunteers (Keith), it is about 2 years old only...!!!! Just imagine how big it will be in a couple of years time !!!! wow....
estuarine crocodile
estuarine crocodile
Hope to spot an otter next time.. By the way, we saw a Painted Stork in flight as well !!!!!!
Epiphyte -Dischida major which has symbosis with ants
Epiphyte -Dischida major which has symbosis with ants
Grey Heron perch on dead mangrove trunk)
Grey Heron perch on dead mangrove trunk

Some of the birds we saw today
At the main bridge
Grey Heron (1)
White-breasted waterhen (2)
Black crown night heron (1)
Little heron (1)
Little egrets (2-5)
Intermediate egrets

At various locations in Sg Buloh
Painted Stork
Whimbrel (lots of them !! haha)
Pacific Golden Plover (4-5)
Marsh Sandpiper (8-10)
Terek Sandpiper ( 2-3)
Common redshank ( a few)
Common greenshank ( a few)
Stork-billed Kingfisher (one)
Plovers - but don't know which...
Collared kingfisher (1)
Great Egret (3)
Intermediate Egret (13-16)
Little Egret (13-16)
Cinamon bittern (1)
Sunbird -not sure which? (2)

Monday, February 13, 2006

Frasier Hill -the wild life

Some of the wild life shots we got during our visit to Fraser Hill. The Rhino beetle just outside our room !!

While walking around, i almost stepped on a green snake. Closer inspection, i thought it was dead as it has flesh coming out of its face, but.....nooooo....!!it was still alive......aiyoh..roll-over but still alive and suffering..poor thing. According to me friend, it is called Pope's Pit Viper....

How about the cute blue "ulat beluncas" a.k.a. before i become a butterfly....(don't know what the hell it is)..haahahh
Rhino Beetle
Beautiful caterpillar
Green viper (Pope's Green Viper) 

Friday, January 27, 2006

Fraser Hill -food

Food at Fraser Hill

located over 1500 metres above sea level, there is still good food !! Yes believe me man..Take a look at what we had on a cold and wet afternoon in Fraser Hill.

Heavenly scones with strawberry jam and cream !!

This place is Ye Olde Smokehouse Hotel Fraser's Hill - Jalan Jeriau (Tel:609-3622226 Fax: 609-3622035).

The whole place is really quaint and going in is a step into a typical English house. We had tea here and on our last night, we had a lovely dinner here too...

From the outside, this is how the Ye Olde Smokehouse looks like.......

Fraser Hill

We planned for this trip sometime back and finally we went. Me and 3 other friends when on this trip together on 7 -10 Jan . Fraser Hill is located 1500 metres above sea-level in the state of Pahang on the Titwangsa Range . Titwangsa range also boast places like Genting Highlands (for the high-rollers) and Cameron Highlands.

Leaving Singapore
We took a train via Keretapi Tanah Melayu Berhad (KTM)-SGD $30. This is my first time taking a train out of Singapore. While waiting for the train to depart(22:15 hrs), we had dinner at the train stesen. The food was good (mutton soup, fried rice, etc).

Arriving at KL
Arrived KL sentral at 7am very i didn't get too much sleep. Next time, try the sleeping berths ok.haha..Getting too old and becoming a creature of comfort. Recovered after kopi at McDonalds .From KL sentral,we got a cab for RM$140 , from a taxi standard counter at KL Sentral.

Onwards to Fraser Hill
Our taxi driver was a nice man named John and that made the trip to Fraser Hill, a good one.
The trip took us past Kuala Kubu Bahru. Had 2nd breakfast there. Yummy yummy. On our way after and after passing thru the "Gap" - a section of 8 km road that is only one way or one direction at a time. (So if you are travelling up/down Fraser, take note of the gap operating times). Fraser Hill is cloudy and misty !!!!

Arrived finally at our home for the next three days - Jelai Highlands Resort, (tel- 609-3622600/HP-019-388 9002 /fax -609-3622604). A 2-standard bed is RM110 (which includes breakfast). The place itself is pretty neat but everything felt damp...

Scenary around Fraser Hill
We started by taking a walk to the town center where the Post office, food and grocery shop is located. Most of the trails were close for some sort of renovation, Abu Suradi Trail (closed), Bishop's Trail (closed)..only Hemmant and Rompin Trail seem to be opened. There are a few quaint black and white houses legacy of the British. Fraser Hill was named after this dude named James Louis Fraser in the late 1890's, a miner. Fraser vanished one day while bringing back crude tin ore....He has remain"lost" till this day. Last year some young boy's got lost in the jungles of Fraser Hill. Malaysian Ranger and Voluntary soldier's could not find them.. It took the help of the Sultan of Pahang who asked an örang asli for assistance. This dude did what many did not - follow the boys trail and found them alive and well...Power lah !!

Check out my next posting(s) on food and wildlife in Fraser Hill...