Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Collared Scoop owl "captured" in the afternoon

Captured this images of what i believe is a collared scoop owl outside of geylang east library today at 12.30 in the afternoon. What captured our attention was the fact that two house crows were harrasing /pecking/scratching the owl and we quickly rush in and chase the crows away before they could do
anymore damage.

The crows did not fly away far but stayed closed to see whether they could do more damage !!!

Hence we "policed the situation"for another few minutes and even haboured thoughts on how we can safe it and pass is to the good folks in nature society..

I approached closer and manage to get some shots using my nokia handphone of the owl...before it flew away, followed closely by one crow..i tried to give chase but could not see anymore where they flew....Hope the owl managed to get away........

A interesting experience indeed to see an owl in broad day light as well as pesky crows in action !!!!!

I found out from the Bird Ecology Group's blog that this has happened before. I encourage you to go to their blog. It is a really must read blog for true bird lovers and people who really are interesting in studying the behaviour of birds in the wild....

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Unknown said...

I saw your link at the bird study ecology group. I've never seen something like that happen. Keep up the observations.