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Khoo Kay Hian (Bukit Brown)

During the rubber boom of the 1910, Khoo Kay Hian / Khoo Kay Hean was well positioned and made money as a rubber broker based in The Arcade. He went on to be the founder of one of the best known stock broking firm in Singapore bearing his namesake, Kay Hian and Co in 1921. He was also a committee member of the Singapore Sharebrokers' Association (this was before it became the Singapore Stock Exchange). Throughout his career, he held various positions and they included: Assistant Secretary of the Ee Hoe Hean Club (1918) ; Management Committee of the Garden Club (1920) Chinese Lantern Procession (1922), Joint Honorary Secretary together with Lim Kee Cheok. (Lim Chwee Chian was the Chairman) and also Committee member of the Singapore Chinese Girls School (1925). He contributed to various causes and some of them include: Kampong Martin Relief Fund (1916), Chinese Halifax Relief Fund (1917), Sir Arthur Young's Portrait Fund (1919), St Andrew's Hospital Building (1920), Nanyang University (1957).

Khoo Kay Hian
(photo courtesy of Kim, great grand daughter)

Khoo Kay Hian 

Revolutionary Supporter and post 1911 efforts        

When Dr Sun Yat Sen arrived in Singapore in December 1911 from Europe in the P&O steamer called Devanha, he was greeted by the Singapore revolutionary leaders which included Dr S.C. Yin,  Teo Eng Hock, Tan Lian Chye, Khoo Kay Hian and Lim Nee Soon. Dr Sun Yat Sen went on to stay at Mr Tan Boon Liat's Golden Bell Mansion, in Morse Road, Keppel Harbour. He was heavily guarded by bodyguards and detectives as he made plan for the final push to overthrow the Peking (Beijing) Qing Emperor and the final creation of a Republican government in the capital with the Emperor as a figurehead.

In 1912, Mr Lu Chi Ye, former Assistant Commissioner of Justice to the Provisional Government of China and chief assistant to Dr Wu Ting Fong came down to Singapore together with Khoo Kay Hian to seek investments from the Straits and Netherlands Indies Chinese. (Nanyang or Overseas Chinese ). They were greeted by the Chinese Consul-General in Singapore together with members of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce. Mr Lu Chi Ye and Khoo Kay Hian later will travel to Penang and the other Federal Malayan States (F.M.S) to seek investments in the opening of mines in China.

This were evidential ties between this pioneers and how Singapore and its residents played a very important role in the political and economical reform of China.
source: NewspaperSG

Brush with law 1 : Fine $1,000 for being a betting bookie

In 1939, at the age of 53, Khoo Kay Hian was charged and subsequently pleaded guilty and fine $1,000 for allowing his office in 20 Malacca Street to a betting house for horses. His son, Khoo Hock Choo, 17 years old at the time pleaded guilty in an amended charged of  attempting to cause the disappearance of the 3 betting slip that were on his father's desk when it was raided by the police, by throwing it out of the window, with intention of protecting his father from legal punishment was fined $100. It was according in their lawyers defence, their first offence.

Brush with law 2: Opium Smoking Utensils

In 1961, a 21 year old youth impersonated himself as a police inspector to search Khoo Kay Hian's house in St. Martin's Drive. The "police impersonator" found opium smoking utensils and Khoo Kay Hian offered him a bribe of $1,000 to look the other way. He accepted the bribe, but however did not get away scot-free because Khoo Kay Hian's son reported this "policeman" to the Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau and the youth was later charge in the courts.


Khoo Kay Hian passed away on January 18, 1966 reported at the age of 81 at his residence at 23 St. Martin's Drive at 9:35pm (however on his grave, he is listed to be 78 and a small plaque below it, 79 years of age.) He is survived by his wife, Madam Lee Poh Neo, (daughter of  Mr Lee Woon Chwee and Wee Whye Neo) a son (Khoo Hock Choo) and 3 daughters. (Helen Khoo Hong Peng, Irene Khoo Hong Leng and Khoo Hong Wan).  Khoo Kay Hian / Khoo Kay Hean , his wives, mother are buried in a cluster together in Hill 2, Division B.
Khoo Kay Hian and Lee Poh Neo 


Khoo Kay Hian's siblings include his brothers: Khoo Kay Yeow, Khoo Kay Tuan, Khoo Kay Chee. His sister is Khoo Siew Kim. In addition to Madam Lee Poh Neo, Khoo Kay Hian's other wives include Tan Sing Yong (died October 3, 1949) and Tan Lai Neo (died June 21, 1930). Listed on Tan Lai Neo's tomb is her daughter, Khoo Hong Leng and son, Khoo Hock Choo.

Son: Khoo Hock Tian (1906-1961)
Khoo Hock Tian was a partner of Messrs. Khoo Kay Hian & Co. In 17th September 1935 there was an article stating that invitations have been issued by Mr and Mrs Khoo Kay Hian for the marriage of their second, Mr. Khoo Hock Tian to Miss Koh Eng Beng (Gloria Koh), sister of Mr. Koh Chwee Orr at the Hoe Hean Club Singapore.

Khoo Hock Tian passed away at the age of 55 on 23 December 1961 and is survived by his parents, wife (Gloria Koh Eng Beng), 2 sons (George Khoo Teng Wan, Ron Khoo Teng Joo) and 3 daughters (Phyllis Khoo Peck Lin, Nancy Khoo Peck Geok, Molly Khoo Peck Tin), a son-in-law (Eddie Wee Choon Seng) and one grand-daughter. The cortege left his residence in 42 Jalan Arnap, Kim Lin Park for Bulim Cemetery. Gloria Koh Eng Beng passed away on 8 November 2003 at the age of 89.

Son: Khoo Hock Choo  (27 January 1921- 20 December 2016)
Khoo Hock Choo went on to take over Khoo Kay Hian's  company and also became a committee member of the Singapore Stock Exchange. In 2000, UOB Securities and Kay Hian Holdings Limited and UOB Securities Private Limited merged and eventually changed its name to UOB Kay Hian in 2001.

Postnote: Khoo Hock Choo passed away on 20 December 2016. He is survived by his wife, Doris, children; Marilyn, Serene, Jacqui, Kathy ; Sons-in-law; Ernest, Roy, Charlie, Dale ; Grandsons:Alex, Ian, Nick,John Matt ; Granddaughter: Sophie ; Granddaughter-in-law: Rachel
; Great Granddaughter: Ally Grace.

source: NewspaperSG

Daughter: Khoo Hoon Leng
In February 1941, Khoo Hoon Leng (third daughter) married Mr Tan Chi Lam (sixth son of  the late Mr and Mrs Tan Wi Yan) at the Ee Hoe Hean Club where Dr Lim Boon Keng officiated.
Khoo Hoon Leng
(source: NewspaperSG)

Wife: Lee Poh Neo
Lee Poh Neo is the daughter of Mr. Lee Woon Chwee and Madam Wee Whye Neo.

Wife: Tan Sin Yong 
Tan Sing Yong, died October 3, 1949 at the age of 58. She is listed as Cantonese and is buried in plot no 169, Block 2, Section D
Tan Sing Yong (second wife)
Wife: Tan Lai Neo (born 1905 died 1930 )
Listed on her tomb is a daughter: Khoo Hong Leng and son: Khoo Hock Choo
Tan Lai Neo 

Mother: Chen Xian Niang (died June 1945)
Khoo Kay Hian's mother
Khoo Kay Hian's family cluster is affected by the 8-lane highway:
Khoo Kay Hian (peg 1906) Lee Poh Neo ( peg 1905) Tan Lai Neo ( peg 1907) Tan Sing Yong (peg 1908) Chen Xian Niang, Khoo Kay Hian's mother (peg 1910)

Lee Poh Neo, Tan Lai Neo, Tan Sing Yong, Chen were exhumed on 24 June 2014.

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Tan Kheam Hock and family (Bukit Brown)

Tan Kheam Hock /Tan Khiam Hock / 陈谦福 (1862-1922) was born in Penang to Mr and Mrs Tan Teng Poh and received his education in Penang Free School. He joined the Merchantile Bank before leaving for Calcutta, India to be a merchant in 1877, remaining there until 1899 before coming back to Singapore to join the syndicate that had the rights to Opium and Spirit Farms. In 1901, he became the labor contractor for the Singapore Harbor Board, which at at its peak provided over 5,000 labor force. Tan Kheam Hock was also the Chairman of Eastern United Assurance Corporation, Great Eastern Life Assurance and Director of an array of tin, rubber and industrial companies. Tan Kheam Hock was a Senior Municipal Commissioner, Straits Chinese British Association, Chinese Advisory Board, Justice of Peace (Board of Licensing Justices), First member of the King Edward VII Medical College (when he passed away Mr See Tiong Wah replaced him) and the Hospital Board.
Tan Kheam Hock (in western clothing)
Bukit Brown Municipal Cemetery Connection
It was during the time when Tan Kheam Hock and See Tiong Wah were Municipal Commissioners, that Bukit Brown Cemetery was conceptualised as a public cemetery for all Chinese irrespective of the dialect group they belong to. Initially unpopular because of size constraints, they worked and made the necessary changes to make it acceptable and popular among the Chinese community

On April 21, 1922, while Tan Kheam Hock was at the Chinese Weekly Entertainment Club, he was hit by apoplectic stroke at 6 pm. Despite medical aid, he succumbed to the seizure without regaining consciousness at his residence in No 106, River Valley Road (known as Penang Cot) hours later at 9 pm. He was 61 years old. Originally interned in Alexandra Private Cemetery, the remains were relocated to Bukit Brown together with his wife (Oh Peang Neo) and daughter (Tan Keow Gnoh). 

When Tan Kheam Hock passed away in 1922, he left behind a widow, 9 sons  ( 6 sons and 1 daughter from the first marriage and 3 sons and 1 daughter from the second marriage). His sons are: Tan Chong Khee, Tan Chong Lay, Tan Chong Chew, Tan Chong Teck, Tan Chong Gark, Tan Chong Teat, Tan Chong Lock, Chong Siew and Tan Chong Boon.
Tan Kheam Hock and family
Wife: Madam Oh Peang Neo
Madam Oh Peang Neo, died at the age of 48 on May 6, 1913 due to heart failure. She was the mother of Chong Khee, Chong Lay,Chong Chew, Chong Teck, Chong Gark and Chong Teat)

Wife: Madam Chua Choo Boon Neo 
Madam Chua Choo Boon Neo (Chua Choo Hoon) married at the age of 25 on March 25, 1914 at Penang Villa, Stevens Road.
[right] Tan Kheam Hock [middle] Oh Peang Neo [left] eldest daughter Tan Keow Gnoh

Chua Choo Hoon's tomb
Top photo courtesy of Eric Tan
Middle and Bottom photo- Before and after restoration
Son: Tan Chong Khee (died July 17, 1958), age 73 years old
Tan Chong Kee married Madam Khor Kim Lun (died June 20, 1951 , age 65 and she is buried beside him).
Sons: Tan Huck Thoe, Tan Huck Boon, Tan Huck Seng, Tan Huck Swee.
Daughters: Tan Poey Chim, Tan Poey Kin, Tan Poey Joo. 

Tan Chong Khee
Block 3 Division A Plot 206
Son: Tan Chong Lay (died December 31, 1932), age 45 years old
Tan Chong Lay was affected by leprosy.
Son: Tan Huck Khong,
Daughter: Tan Poey Suan, Tan Poey Kee
Tan Chong Lay, Block 3 
Son: Tan Chong Chew, (died March 23, 1969) age 76 years old
He was a Justice of Peace. An avid house owner with horses such as King Cole, Spangle, Penang Griffin No 2 and Pam. He was a pedigree dog breeder who participated in many competitions as well. Tan Chong Chew was the manager of the Eastern Mining and Rubber Company and eventually manager of the Tanjong Pagar Labour Company. Tan Chong Chew married Miss Foo Gim Yong (daughter of Mr and Mrs Foo Boon Sean).
Sons: Tan Huck Wan, Tan Huck Hean.
Daughter: Daisy Tan
Tan Chong Chew
(pic source: a2o )

Tan Chong Chew 

Son: Tan Chong Teck (born April 12, 1896 -died December 5, 1956 ; age 61 years old)
He was an honory Treasurer of the Penang Chinese Union, 15 Cross Street in 1924.Tan Chong Teck married Miss Chua Yong Neo (second daughter of the late Mr Chua Kim Keat) on January 13, 1916.
Sons: Tan Huck Bin, Tan Huck Sian, Tan Huck Leng.
Daughters: Tan Poey Quee, Tan Poey Gek, Tan Poey Neo, Tan Poey Liew.
Tan Chong Teck  Block 3 Section A Plot 205 
Son: Tan Chong Gark
He was an avid lawn tennis player and honory secretary of the Penang Chinese Union, 15 Cross Street in 1924. Tan Chong Gark married Miss Chan Gaik Thay (daughter of Chan Yen Pai).
Sons: Tan Huck Eng, Tan Huck Chye
Daughters: Tan Poey Choo, Tan Poey Kim, Tan Poey Im

Son: Tan Chong Teat (no information yet)

Son: Tan Chong Lock*
Married Miss Wee Whee Choo
Sons: Roland Tan Huck Siong, Richard Tan Huck Ghee.
Daughters: Helen Tan Poey Yen, Lillian Tan Poey Cheng

Son: Tan Chong Siew*
Married Miss Khoo Suat Ngoh (daughter of Mr Khoo Yang Ting, father of Mr Khoo Teck Phuat)

*yet to be confirmed with substantial information. Speculation at the moment.

Son: Tan Chong Boon (no information yet)

Daughter: Tan Keow Gnoh (eldest daughter), died on July 2, 1917 ; age 32 years
Tan Keow Gnoh passed away in 1917 and is survived by her widow (Mr Lim Mah Siang) and 6 children. Initally buried in their family plot in Alexandra, but later exhumed and reburied together with his father, Tan Kheam Hock.

Daughter: Tan Suat Gnoh Neo (second daughter), died on February 1, 1912 ; age 23 years
Miss Tan Suat Gnoh married Mr Cheah Beng Chiang, Manager of Giong Ho and Co.

Daughter: Tan Heng Gnoh
She married Mr Chi Puah Chiang (son of late Mr Chi Kang Cheng)

Tan Hong Gnoh
She married Mr Neo Peng Heng on April 30, 1931.

Brother: Tan Kheam Kheat (Tan Kheam Hock's brother)
Tan Kheam Keat died on June 2, 1925 at the age of 54.
Sons: Tan Chong Kew, Tan Chong Hum, Tan Chong Tee
Daughters: Tan Keow Tian, Tan Keow Nee, Tan Keow Suan

Tan Kheam Keat (Hill 1 B)

317 River Valley Road
(source: NewspaperSG)

Grandsons and Granddaughters

Mr and Mrs Tan Chong Kee's (residence at 35 Devonshire Road) children
Tan Huck Thoe (eldest son) married Miss Lim Soo Geck (third daughter of Mr and Mrs Lim Nee Soon) in January 28, 1934.

Mr and Mrs Tan Chong Lay's (residence at 133 Devonshire Road) children
Tan Huck Khong (only son), born December 13, 1913-died April 26, 1943, age 30, married Miss Lim Mui Geck (fourth daughter of Mr and Mrs Lim Nee Soon).
Tan Poey Swan (eldest daughter) married Mr Tay Kum San (son of Mr Tay Thian Cheok)

Tan Huck Khong (buried at Bukit Brown, Hill 2 )
Miss Tan Poey Swan and Mr Tay Kum  San
(source: NewspaperSG)

Mr and Mrs Tan Chong Chew (317 River Valley Road  aka Penang Cot) children
Tan Huck Wan (eldest son) married Miss Lim Chin Choo (daughter of Lim Mah Seang)
Tan Huck Hean (third son), born October 30, 1919 - died November 18, 1928, age 9 years old
Daisy Tan ( second daughter), born October 28, 1933 - died December 26, 1933, age 1 month old

Grave of Tan Huck Hean and Daisy Tan
Block 2 Division F 

Mr and Mrs Tan Chong Teck (35 Devonshire Road ) children
Tan Poey Quee married Pang Leong Chwee (eldest son of Pang Chean Yean) on June 30, 1940
Tan Poey Neo (third daughter) married Ee Tiang Wan (eldest son of Mr Ee Yew Cheng and grandson to the late Mr Ee Kong Guan, J.P. Malacca ) on Jan, 1942.

Mr and Mrs Tan Chong Gark's children 
Tan Huck Eng (passed away in 2009)
Tan Huck Chye (passed away 27 September 1986)
Their eldest daughter, Miss Tan Poey Choo passed away on May 31, 1927 at the age of 9 ( Hill 2A plot 162)
Their second daughter, Miss Tan Poey Kim got engaged to Mr Lee Liang Hye, third son of Dr and Mrs. Lee Lian Hoe on February 3, 1954.
Their third daughter, Miss Tan Poey Im passed away on March 13, 2016 at the age of 93.

[Research still-ongoing, any feedback for corrections, leads or pictures are welcomed. Do email me]

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Boey Lian Siang (Bukit Brown)

Murdered outside his house, was what was i read when i searched for "Boey Lian Siang". He was shot dead on January 30th, 1928 by 2 unknown chinese man outside his house in Lorong 37, Geylang. His widow was called to give witness in court and she described in English that on 8.45 am that day, two chinese man in ordinary working clothes, called and requested for her husband. A few minutes later, she heard 2 shots and when  she rushed out she saw her husband mortally wounded. Boey Lian Siang said to her wife in English, " I am done for", before dying in her arms 5 minutes later.

Other witnesses accounted some work troubles Mr Boey Lian Siang (who was a well-known Straits-born Chinese and manager of Ban Ho Engineering Company), encountered 4 months back when some disgruntled workers complained that certain public holidays were not observed and this workers took leave without permission despite the warnings by Mr Boey. 4 of this workers were subsequently sacked. Fellow workers went on strike in protest. The matter was brought to the Protector of Chinese who advised the workers to go back to work but they refused. New workers were brought in to replace this strikers. Boey Lian Siang became a managing partner of Ban Ho in December 4, 1919. 

I am still trying to find out what happened but so far unable to find articles that detail the outcome of this case. It remains to me for a now, a mystery.

Death and location in Bukit Brown

Boey Lian Siang died on 30th January 1928 at his residence , No. 37 , Lorong Gaylang Singapore. He was the managing director of Ban Hoe and Co. Ltd, Beach Road. When he died on January 30th, 1928, he is listed to be survived by his widow, two sons, Boey Teng Poh and Boey Teng Ann and a daughter, Betty Boey.
Mr Boey Lian Siang 
Beside his tomb is the tomb of his wife Mrs Boey Lian Siang, nee Yeo Seck Tin. However no death date was listed indicating she may not be buried here. Both tombs are located in Hill 2, Division F (close by to the See Tiong Wah cluster) and are affected by the 8 lane highway. His peg number his 1560.
Mrs Boey Lian Siang 


Son: Boey Teng Poh
Boey TengPoh died just after the fall of Singapore. Private Boey Teng Poh was a Private with 2nd (Singapore Volunteer Corps) Bn, Straits Settlements Volunteer Force. He was listed to have died on 20th February 1942 as one of the soldiers who died in captivity. He and several others were buried together and whose names are listed on a memorial wall at the Kranji War Memorial.

Daughter: Betty Boey
Mr. Ong Tiang Seng (son of Mr and Mrs. Ong Peng Hock) married Miss Betty Boey (daughter of Mrs. Boey Lian Siang and the late Mr. Boey Lian Siang) on 22th June 1936. A dinner was held at the Southern Hotel.

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Teo Chin Chay (Bukit Brown)

Located at Hill 2 Division F, this is one of the unique tomb in Bukit Brown where it is flanked by two unique topless or sometimes known to others as "naked" angels, two sikh guards and two lions symbolising a truly hybrid tomb where traditional chinese and western influences are integrated or infused. This tomb belongs to Mr and Mrs Teo Chin Chay.
Angels in a East meets West Tomb 

Mr Teo Chin Chay is a trader and the proprietor of Chop Hock Chin Leong whose office is located at No 3, Synagogue Road. He had owned godowns (warehouse) at Alkaff Quay  which stocks rattan and other materials and godowns at No 72-13 Mohamed Sultan and No 63 Kassim Street.

It was reported that the godown at Alkaff Quay caught fire and all its goods destroy in 1924. Mr Teo Chin Chay was however lucky as it was insured by various insurers such as The Sun Insurance, The Eastern United Assurance, The Shanghai Fire and Marine Insurance and The South British Insurance.

Property owner
In 1918, Teo Chin Chay bought a number of 990 year lease hold houses in No 31 and 32, Kim Yam Road (1,598 sq ft) for $3,500. He also bought a number of freehold houses in Mac Pherson Road, number(s) 33-1 to 33-4 (4,456 sq ft) for $2,700 in 1919.

In an article dated February 11, 1932, i noticed on the papers a Brankruptcy notice. I do not know the outcome of it, but judging by the size of the tomb, i am sure his wealth was relatively intact.

He donated money to the Child Welfare Society and King Edward VIII fund among others.

I have yet to find the death notice of Mr Teo, but he died in September 15, 1935.  His wife Madam Gan Chwee Sian passed away at the age of 51 at 3 am, December 2, 1927 at her residence at No 121-8 River Valley Road and is buried beside Teo Chin Chay. She was said to be of bounded feet.

The tomb of Mr and Mrs Teo Chin Chay (before the July 2012 refurbishing)
She left behind 5 sons. Two of the sons were mentioned in the papers: Teo Soon Hoe, Teo Kian Tan among others, 5 daughters. In a cluster of tombs in front of his tombs lies two other tombs that were determined by his descendants to be his two other wives.  (Seow Kim Lian and Oen Sian Neo)
The two other wives (Seow Kim Lian and Oen Sian Neo) in the cluster 
No longer forgotten 
The cluster of graves of Teo Chin Chay were recently refurbished by their descendants (great grand children) who cleared the area, as well as cleaned up the tombs, making the whole area accessible as well as the intricate carvings that surround the tomb mount, visible compared to the earlier pictures you have seen. It is also good reminder of filial piety that continue to exist and that this tombs have not been forgotten despite 3 generations have past.
Intricate carvings surrounding the tomb mount

Intricate carvings surrounding the tomb mount 

Sikh Guard 

Stories from the stones
Scrape the Poison of the Bone
Guan Yu (Yunchang) was a general serving under the warlord Liu Bei and this story was popularised in the historical novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms.During a battle in Fancheng (present Xiangfan, Hubei Province), Guan Yu was shot in the right arm by a poisonous arrow, whose poison had infiltrated into the bone. Other military men invited Hua Tuo, a highly skilled doctor, to treat his injury. Hua Tuo said that he would need to tighten Guan’s hands with ropes, blindfolded his eyes, and then began the surgery. Guan said that he didn’t need to be bundled; instead, he drank some wine and began playing chess with others, while extending his right arm for Hua Tuo to do the operation. Hua cut the flesh, scraped the bone. Guan Yu kept playing chess while drinking. After Hua scraped the poison off the bone, Guan Yu said with a smile that his arm could move freely just like before.

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George Town, Penang - World Heritage Site Celebration

I booked my tickets way in advanced with Jetstar Budget Airways for another food excursion to Penang with my wife, and was pleasantly surprised when i arrived on July 7 to find out that in conjunction with George Town, Penang celebrating its 4th Anniversary as a UNESCO Heritage site, there was a series of events organised to celebrate this important milestone. This event was called Live Heritage , which ran from 6-8th July all throughout George Town.
Brochure detailing all the events happening in George Town
from 6-8th July 

It was fantastic and i truly enjoyed myself especially the Street Performances, Temple open houses and even food streets. The street performances started from 6.45-11.00pm were organised to 4 zones. There were at
  Zone 1: junction of Lebuh Acheh and Lorong Lumut
  Zone 2: junction of Lebuh Armenia and Lorong Soo Hong
  Zone 3: junction of Kampong Kolam and Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling
  Zone 4: Khoo Kongsi , Cannon Square.

It was food galore as well as many street vendors were out an about. I truly enjoyed the Nasi Kandar Festival and also the samplings of authentic Teochew food at the Han Jiang Ancestral Temple at Lebuh Chulia by the Penang Teochew Association. The nightline of the usually quite George Town area became alive with heritage at corner giving it an air of mystic and wonder.

Another observation i made especially from the Street Performances and the organising team involved in giving out brochures, giving directions and selling merchandise, is that many are youths, getting involved in preserving and conserving their proud heritage. Many of the youths in Penang are seen helping out in the night events either as performers or in the organising team which gave me that impression.

Below are some of the pictures i took while enjoying myself around George Town.

Wayang Performance (with English subtitle) with the
beautiful Khoo Kongsi as the backdrop 
Street Performance in front of Han Jiang Ancestral Temple, Lebuh Chulia
Lotus Dragon Performance inside Temple courtyard

Boy mesmerised by the shadow puppets 

Making a pit stop at our favourite place- Nasi Dalca Rahim 
Places of prayer remained opened throughout the night
Truly a multi-religious place co-existing in harmony  
I took many photos of the event and also ate many good Penang food. Will try to make this at least a two article post of my experiences of this trip. But if i forget, i will leave with you with this picture that accurately depicts what i felt.
"Rojak Penang" Cinema on the Street at Lebuh Ah Quee