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Boey Lian Siang (Bukit Brown)

Murdered outside his house, was what was i read when i searched for "Boey Lian Siang". He was shot dead on January 30th, 1928 by 2 unknown chinese man outside his house in Lorong 37, Geylang.

His widow was called to give witness in court and she described in English that on 8.45 am that day, two chinese man in ordinary working clothes, called and requested for her husband. A few minutes later, she heard 2 shots and when rushed out, saw her husband mortally wounded. Boey Lian Siang said to her wife in English, " I am done for", before dying in her arms 5 minutes later.

Other witnesses accounted some work troubles Mr Boey Lian Siang (who was a well-known Straits-born Chinese and manager of Ban Ho Engineering Company), encountered 4 months back when some disgruntled workers complained that certain public holidays were not observed and this workers took leave without permission despite the warnings by Mr Boey. 4 of this workers were subsequently sacked. Fellow workers went on strike in protest. The matter was brought to the Protector of Chinese who advised the workers to go back to work but they refused. New workers were brought in to replace this strikers. Boey Lian Siang became a managing partner of Ban Ho in December 4, 1919. 

I am still trying to find out what happened but so far unable to find articles that detail the outcome of this case. It remains to me for a now, a mystery.

Death and location in Bukit Brown
When he died on January 30th, 1928, he is listed to be survived by two sons, Boey Teng Poh and Boey Teng Ann.
Mr Boey Lian Siang 
Beside his tomb is the tomb of his wife Mrs Boey Lian Siang, nee Yeo Seck Tin. However no death date was listed indicating she may not be buried here. Both tombs are located in Hill 2, Division F (close by to the See Tiong Wah cluster) and are affected by the 8 lane highway. His peg number his 1560.
Mrs Boey Lian Siang 

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