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Yeo Eng Hoo (Bukit Brown)

Yeo Eng Hoo was one of the vice president of the Union Sporting Association for many years and strongly associated with the Gaylads Minstrels, having open his residence, 19 Lorong 13, Geylang Road for many music practice. Yeo Eng Hoo was a vice-president of the Gaylads Minstrels. Other personalities in the committee during that year included Gan Hock Chye (President) and Goh Hood Teck (vice-president)

Gaylads Minstrels (1931) 


Yeo Eng Hoo passed away on 30th November 1936 at the age of 41 (tomb indicate age as 43) , leaving behind his aged father, Yeo Loke Sum, his mother, his wife and 5 young children. The cortege left from No. 27, Lorong 13, Geylang Road. From his tombstone in Bukit Brown, i can make out only the names of 4 children, his sons; Yeo Geok Wah, Charlie Yeo, Sunny Yeo and daughter, Nelly Yeo.

I was told by a descendant, that Yeo Eng Hoo died as a result of a car accident.


Wife: Elizabeth Chua Bin Neo
Mrs Yeo Eng Hoo nee Elizabeth Chua Bin Neo passed away at the age of 86 and is survived by 4 sons, 1 daughter, 2 daughter-in-laws, 3 grandson and 1 grand daughter.

Yeo Geok Wah, Paul

Andrew Charlie Yeo 
Veronica Annie Tan 
Sunny Yeo 
Caroline Chia 
Josephine Nellie Yeo 
Joseph Poh Kay Guan

Grand daughter:

The cortege left from 44, Norma Terrace, Opera Estate.

Father: Yeo Loke Sum / Yeo Loke Sam /Yeo Lock Sum
I have very little details about Yeo Loke Sam but a quick check of Geni, Loke Yoke Sam is the step-brother of Yeo Lock Gee.

Grandmother: Madam Low Tay Neo nee Mrs. Yeo Hock Chuan
Madam Low Tay Neo passed away at the age of 88 on 27 January 1931 at her residence in No 19, Lorong 13 Geylang. She is the wife of the late Mr. Yeo Hock Chuan and mother of Mr. Yeo Lokw Sam and the late Mr. Yeo Loke Jee and Mr. Yeo Loke Choon.

On the tomb are listed the following names:
Sons: Yeo Lock Gee, Yeo Lock Sum, Yeo Lock Choon
Daughters: Yeo Watt Neo, Yeo Gin Neo

Grandsons: Yeo Eng Wah, Yeo Eng Tiong, Yeo Eng Kiat, Yeo Eng Seng, Yeo Eng Hoe, Yeo Eng Hoo, Yeo Eng Hee
Grand-daughters: Yeo Sim Neo, Yeo Im Choo, Yeo Goh Neo, Yeo Luck Neo

Great Grandsons:Yeo Tiang Soon, Yeo Tiang Siew, Yeo Tiang Hong, Yeo Tiang Sun, Yeo Tiang Chwee, Yeo Tiang Kim )
Great Grand daughters: Yeo Poh Kin, Yeo Poh Neo, Yeo Cheng Neo

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Chua Choo Seng (Bukit Brown)

Chua Choo Seng passed away at the age of 75 on 19th February 1941. He leaves behind his wife, 3 sons; Chua Chwee Guan, Chua Leong Hean and Chua Chwee Lim, 2 daughters (Chua Guek Neo, Chua Chwee Neo), 1 son-in-law, Lim Siew Teng, 1 grandson-in-law, Jack Ching Koh Guan, 1 granddaughter-in-law, Mrs. Chua Bay Lee and several grandchildren and several great grandchildren. His residence was listed as No. 105 Everitt Road.

Chua Chwee Lim
Engagement was announced in 1948 between Mr. William Chua Chwee Lim, the third son of the late Mr. and Mrs Chua Choo Seng to Miss Alice Tan, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Tan Cheng Tee of Singapore.

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Gravestones of the young ( Bukit Brown )

From an earlier post titled, They Died Young (posted on 1 March 2012);  i shared an observation that there are many children who died young and are buried in Bukit Brown. This article features such gravestones from those who have died young which will be updated whenever there are new re-discoveries.

Block / Hill 1

Master Eddie Chan Sin Chuan 
Died: June 29, 1942 age 16 (Block 1 Division B plot P64)
Eddie Chan Sin Chuan 

Miss Yeo Poh Chwan 
Died: October 21, 1942 age 8 months (Block 1 Division C plot 232)
Miss Yeo Poh Chwan

Block / Hill 2

Miss Mary Wee (daughter of Mr and Mrs Wee Eng Cheng)
Died: March 17, 1927 age 12  (Block 2 , Division C , plot 161)
Mary Wee

Miss Tan Poey Choo (daughter of Mr. and Mrs, Tan Chong Gark)
Died: May 31, 1927 age 8 (Block 2 Division A plot 162)
Tan Poey Choo

Ong Siew Kim (male)
Died: September 25, 1928 Age 15  (Block 2 Division G, plot 151)
Ong Siew Kim 

Tan Huck Hean (third son of Mr. and Mrs Tan Chong Chew )
(October 30, 1919 - November 18, 1928) age 9 (Block 2 Division F, plot 316)
Tan Huck Hean 

Daisy Tan (daughter of Mr. and Mrs Tan Chong Chew)
(October 25, 1925 - December 20, 1933) age 10  (Block 2 Division F, plot 315)
Daisy Tan 

Miss Goh Bock Neo (daughter of Mr. Goh Keng Ann )
(8 January 1913- 2 August 1927)  (Block 2, Division B, plot 19)
Goh Bock Neo

Master Choa Guan Hin 
(Died  8th October 1928, 10 months) Pauper 2, plot 132
Choa Guan Hin 

Block / Hill 3

Choo Kay Kiat
Died: July 25, 1929 age 15 (Block 3 Division A plot 1228)
Choo Kay Kiat 

Teo Ban Neo (female) daughter of L.S. Teo
Died: 18 December 1930  17 months  (Block 3 Division B) plot 1244
Teo Ban Neo

Tan Kang Bee Chew 
Died in 1940  aged 10 (Block 3 Division D plot 391 A) 
Tan Kang Bee Chew 

Lee Liang Hoon ( fourth son of Dr and Mrs Lee Lian Hoe)
16th March 1929- 1st February 1931 
Lee Liang Hoon 

Ng Swee Huat (male)
Died: September 12, 1930 age 17 (Block 3 Division A, plot 5)
Ng Swee Huat 

Block / Hill 4

Lim Kim Siew (male)
Died: January 6, 1937 Age 9 (Block 4 Division A plot 818) 
Lim Kim Siew

Lily Tan (female)
(June 20, 1938 - November 26, 1938) 5 months (Block 4, Division C, plot 773)
Lily Tan

Block / Hill 5

Dickie Lee (male)
Died: 2nd December 1941, Age 6  (Block 5, Section A, plot 64)
Dickie Lee

Teo Soon Lam (male)
Died: Sept 10,  1941 6 months old (Block 5 Division C, plot 18)
Teo Soon Lam

Tan Kai How (male)
Died: September 16, 1941 age 4 (Block 5 Division B plot 41)
Tan Kai How

Miss Ruby Lee (female)
Died: June 24, 1941 age 5 (Block 5 Section A plot 107)
Ruby Lee

Miss Lim Sian Geok (female)
Died: March 4, 1946 age 8 (Block 5 Division A plot 38.2 )
Lim Sian Geok

Low Thiam Swee (male)
18 January 1941 - 17 September 1941 age 6 months (Block 5, Division B, plot 14)
Low Thiam Swee

If you go through the Burial Registrar, there are many children buried in the Pauper Section over the years. Mapping and finding them will take time and i am told many are in unmarked graves as well.

20th September 1930,  twin daughters of Ong Seng Hong

1st August 1941 , Belom Nama (Malay for unnamed ) , age unknown, male