Saturday, November 24, 2007

A nice morning walk in Ubin

Finally back in Ubin after a long break (i was away on holiday in Yunnan) and was rewarded in the morning with a sighting of a Hornbill. It was only 15m from me and obviously enjoying himself having a nice papaya breakfast.

Other sightings include confirmed sighting of Straw Headed Bulbul, Brahminy Kite and Dollar Bird. Unable to clearly id a plover and a beautiful woodpecker (olive color on breast). I am so rusty !!!!!

One of the little wonders of ubin is the quarry nearest to jetty that has become a confirmed nesting ground for Grey Herons and "hang-out of little, intermediate and even a couple of Great Egrets.

Just spent about two and half hours in Ubin and was overjoyed with such sightings. Can't wait to go again.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Chek Jawa - Part II

More photos from Chek Jawa and it's surrounding.

Previous post: Chek Jawa Revisited

Chek Jawa revisited -Part I

The last time i was in Chek Jawa was in Aug 07 and  have not been back ever since NParks took over and made it mandatory to for visitors to register. So here i am again (I did not register as it was already full -but i decided to just go in anyway). Not to worry, if you have not registered, you can still go folks, but do take note -you can only take the Board walk and not go down to the sand banks of Chek Jawa.

The main thing you will notice after passing a gate is the new information counter manned by NParks with a ceiling fan above. (wah so modern already)

New rest area with some facilities

View of Chek Jawa is still lovely with the execption you can't walk in the mudflats -just take photos:

Check out my next postings for pictures of chek jawa board walk and its surrounding area.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Sime Forest Butterflies

Sime Forest Butterflies spotted along the trail.

Cruiser (Male)

Sime Forest Amphibians

Some images of the wild life around Sime Forest. Don't know what frog and lizard it is but if any experts familiar with amphibians, can comment?

Friday, June 29, 2007

St George's Church, Singapore (Red-brick building)

How many of you out there love Red Brick Building's ? Well, i do ! The first building i work in had red bricks for it's facade (the old Marine Parade Library-now turned in NTUC Fair Price.

This are some photos from St. George's Church, Minden Road (off Tanglin). Reading their website, this beautiful Anglican Church was built in 1911 for the British soldiers based around that area which was then a military barracks.

And finally, the place is lovely because of the wonderful and old Tembusu trees around the church.


Friday, June 22, 2007

Python having lunch

Got this photo while visting Singapore Botanical Gardens. A baby python in the process of having lunch !(a squirrel). We all know for a fact the squirrel is already dead, but there were some people asking the National Park officer's to save the squirrel.

Getting worried, a N-Park volunteer brought the python to safety....Phew !

The old Commando building revisited (Changi Village)

Here are some photos from the old commando building before it is turned to a Spa or something like that. I believe URA have called a tender to turn this building together with the old changi village into commercial and economically viable building.

Another view of the building

Finally some ex-commandoes might recognised this ! I believe many a good old BBQ's was held here..

View inside one of the many hall ways of the old commando camp.

Profile of the main entrance.

R E 1936

Profile of building

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Brahminy Kite

Spotted this Brahminy Kite in Sg Buloh during our walks in April 07. Interestingly it was on a mangrove tree very close to the board walk. It was doing self-grooming,cleaning its feathers fully aware we are around but did nothing !

Monday, April 09, 2007

Trip to Sebana Cove, Pengerang Johor to watch fireflies

A friend invited us over to Sebana Cove, Pengerang Johor, Malaysia. Since i am not a golfer and neither do i intend to play golf..My initial reaction was a bit slow.

But anyway's,we packed our bag's and departed via Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal. Check-in, etc went smoothly and it only takes 35-40 minutes before we arrive at Sebana Cove which has it's on jetty,customs, etc. That and the fact the hotel is only a stone's throw away after clearing immigration.

It was a trip to see Fireflies at night around the mangrove swamp area surrounding Sebana and definitely we were not disappointed ! They were many, many mangrove trees that looked lighted up like Christmas trees.

The ship that brought us to Sebana

Morning Mist in Sebana

Mirror in the morning
A nice mirror mirage of Sebana Cove.

Sebana Cove Jetty in the morning
This is the view of Sebana cove in the morning with the mist in place.

Firefly Watch
Photos from the firely watch..Too dark to show you the fireflies though.

Oriental Piped Hornbill that flew across our heads just before heading back to jetty for home.