Saturday, December 31, 2016

Birdwatching in Ubin - Mangrove Pitta (29 December 2016)

The icing on the cake for me was finally getting to see and take photos of the Mangrove Pitta (in fact 2 of them ) in Ubin and also a record sighting of the Eastern Imperial Eagle (a migratory bird from China / Siberia , i.e. Northern Hemisphere). I wasn't birdwatching alone this time around but joined a group of bird photographers and rented the Ubin van. Perseverance finally paid out after waiting for nearly 2 hours with sightings of 2 Mangrove Pitta.

Mangrove Pitta in Ubin
Mangrove Pitta in Ubin 

Mangrove Pitta in Ubin
Mangrove Pitta in Ubin 

Mangrove Pitta in Ubin
Mangrove Pitta in Ubin 

Mangrove Pitta in Ubin
Mangrove Pitta in Ubin 

Mangrove Pitta in Ubin
Mangrove Pitta in Ubin 

While in Ubin, we got to see the Imperial Eagle perched in the far distance at Chek Jawa but because the tides was high and there were a number of bird photographers around, it didn't come any nearer...but what the heck, here's the photo i took for record purposes.
Imperial Eagle in Chek Jawa 
2016 has been a slow birding year for me, but the icing to top it off was the Mangrove Pitta and Imperial Eagle. A Happy New Year 2017 to you all and to end this post, a picture of the Unofficial National Bird of Singapore - the Crimson Sunbird which i took during this trip as well.

Crimson Sunbird in Ubin
Crimson Sunbird 

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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Dr. Lim Soon Kian (Bukit Brown)

Dr. Lim Soon Kian is the son of Mr. Lim Cheng Wee. Lim Soon Kian graduated from the Hong Kong University. Dr. Lim Soon Kian, M.B. and B.S. His clinic was called The New World Dispensary and operated at 492 North Bridge Road. The phone number was 480.

Dr. Lim Soon Kian was an active member of the Amateur Drawing Association and became its President in 1916. Dr. Lim Soon Kian passed away on October 22, 1933 at the age of 43.

Probate of his estate was given to his widow, Yeo Ai Lin. The address given was No. 177 Bencoolen Street.

Father: Lim Cheng Wee
Lim Cheng Wee was the Chief Cashier of the P. and O. Co. for over 20 years. He passed away due to apoplexy at the age of 59 on November 10, 1917 at 27-6 Killiney Road, leaving behind his widow and several children.. He was buried at the Alexandra Road Cemetery.

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Untitled. (1915, December 30). The Straits Times
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Birdwatching in Bidadari (18 December 2016)

My last post on Bidadari was on April 2016, with the exciting sighting of the Trumpeter Hornbill and since then, Bidadari's landscape has changed completely. Many of the access points have been hoarded up and the bull dozers have already moved in, clearing the ex-cemetery land and birder's paradise into the next Housing Development Board Estate for future residence.

After spending the morning in Bishan Park, i thought i will pay a visit to see if i can spot any migratory birds. I took public transport from Bishan Park (Bus No 13) which stopped me at Woodleigh MRT and i walked in via Upper Aljunied Road towards Mount Vernon Columbarium. In the short visit, i manage to see a Large Hawk Cuckoo (among other birds), the Variable Squirrel and finally got to see first hand the slow death of Bidadari as a birdwatching space.

Large Hawk Cuckoo in Bidadari
Large Hawk Cuckoo

Large Hawk Cuckoo in Bidadari
Large Hawk Cuckoo 

Variable Squirrel in Bidadari
Variable Squirrel 

Blue throated Bee Eater in Bidadari
Blue throated Bee Eater

Lesser Flameback Woodpecker (female) in Bidadari
Lesser Flameback Woodpecker (female)

Lesser Flameback Woodpecker (male) in Bidadari
Lesser Flameback Woodpecker (male)

Dollar Bird in Bidadari

Collared Kingfisher in Bidadari
Collared Kingfisher

Goodbye Bidadari, Thank you for the memories 

Time has already run out for Bidadari as a birding site and very soon, Mount Vernon Columbarium as a santuary for the dead. What remains are the many memories caught on photos. I am thankful of this memories although they are very short ones only.

Hoardings have been erected. Work is in progress

The view of the area towards Bartley MRT

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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Birdwatching in Hindhede Nature Park (15 December 2016)

Pictures of the Brown Hawk Owl by other bird photographers and the fact that i have yet to see one in the wild made me to finally pick up my "bins" and make a trip to Hindhede Nature Park. The place is now easily accessible for me via public transport (MRT: Beauty World ). In fact i made two trips there as i could not see it the first time round, but finally on 15 December i saw it. The photos below are the compilation of my two recent trips to Hindhede Nature Park.

Brown Hawk Owl in Hindhede Park
Brown Hawk Owl 

Brown Hawk Owl in Hindhede Park
Brown Hawk Owl 

Brown Hawk Owl in Hindhede Park
Brown Hawk Owl

Other creatures i saw included the the Wagler's Pit Viper, Colugos(flying lemur) and the laced woodpecker. The Pit Viper was a pleasant surprise as this is the first time i saw it Singapore. My experience with the Wagler's Pit Viper, a very venomous snake is in the Snake Temple in Penang. 

Wagler's Pit Viper in Hindhede Park
Wagler's Pit Viper

Colugo (15 December 2016)

Colugo (8 December 2016)

Colugo (8 December 2016)

Laced Woodpecker (8 December 2016)