Friday, September 08, 2017

Tan Beng Hong and family (Bukit Brown)

Up on Hill 3 Division D is the family cluster which includes the ornate tomb of Tan Beng Hong (plot 29) , Mrs Tan Beng Hong (nee Ong Say Neo) (plot 13) and two of his sons, Dr. Tan Eng Han (plot 13B) and Tan Eng Thye (plot 13A). I have very little insights into what Tan Beng Hong does but in an article detailing the life of Tan Eng Han, it mentions that when Tan Beng Hong's business in Boundary Road failed, his son Tan Eng Han who as that time was a medical student, had to wake up early morning and at times, walk (or hitch a ride on bullock carts) to the Sepoy Lines to attend lectures.  He supplemented his income by catching frogs to sell to medical students so as to supplement his small scholarship grant. At one time, he contemplated giving up his studies to take a job as a Sanitary Inspector with the Government.

Tan Beng Hong passed away at the age of 68 at No. 40 Boundary Road on 9 May 1935 leaving behind his widow, 6 sons (Tan Eng Chiang, Tan Eng Hoey, Tan Eng Eam, Tan Eng Guan, Tan Eng Han, Tan Eng Thye ), 3 daughters (Tan Pat Neo, Tan Sip Chia, Tan Kim Hwa) and 12 grandchildren (Tan Seng Liong, Tan Seng Hock, Tan Seng Hin, Tan Seng Giap, Tan Seng Tiong, Tan Seng Pauw, Tan Seng Liam, Tan Seng Chiat, Tan Seng Ghee, Tan Choo Neo, Tan Nah Choo, Tan Nah Chee, Tan Nah Lian, Tan Nah Moey, Tan Chwee Neo, Tan Beng Neo)

Mrs Tan Beng Hong (nee Ong Say Neo) passed away at the age of 83 on 24 September 1953 at No. 40 Boundary Road. She is survived by 5 sons ( Tan Eng Hooi, Tan Eng Eam, Tan Eng Guan, Dr. Tan Eng Han, Tan Eng Thye ), 1 daughter, 1 son-in-law, 17 grandchildren and 15 great-grandchildren.

Tomb of  Mr and Mrs. Tan Beng Hong 

Dr. Tan Eng Han
Dr. Tan Eng Han was educated in Raffles Institution before receiving a $15 scholarship to study in King Edward VII College and joined the government service (Tan Tock Seng Hospital).  After his retirement from Government Service, he started his own private practice at Selegie Road. In 1956, he went to United States for an operation related to stomach cancer. He died in 1958 after two months of illness. Dr. Tan Eng Han passed away at his residence 19 Lim Tua Tow Road at the age of 66 on 11th April 1958. He is survived by sons; Tan Seng Hin, Tan Seng Tiong, daughters; Tan Nah Moey, Tan Nah Lian, Tan Geok Choo and 1 son-in-law, Djoe Thay and 1 grandson.
Dr Tan Eng Han 

Tan Eng Thye
The only information i found on Tan Eng Thye that matches the period of time was on a Tan Eng Thye who was in 1931 a Manager of Kim Leng Rubber Estate. Tan Eng Thye passed away at the age of 63 on 30 January 1961. He is survived by sons, Tan Seng Giap, Tan Seng Liam, Tan Seng Chiat and daughter, Tan Ghee Neo
Tan Eng Thye
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Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Tan Bedah (Bukit Brown)

Located in Block 1 Section C, plot 320, is a simple tomb. If you take a closer look the name of the occupant is Didah or Bidah who departed this life on 2nd September 1926. The burial confirms a record of a female of 85 years of age that was buried in the exact plot on 3rd September 1926, but the name i see is Tan Bedah. Is she a local Malay woman married to a Chinese man with the surname, Tan ? Another interesting point to note is the tomb is all in English. That is my theory for now. Bukit Brown continues to hold many mystery and stories waiting to be uncovered.

In Memory of Didah

Burial Registrar