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It started with a hike to a new location and mid-trip, in a distance, i noticed a granite stone sticking out from the ground seemingly out of place. "That looks like a boundary marker !" and the rest of hard work piecing the story was done by Raymond and his brother Charles. Evidence to 100% confirm the owner is still in progress if you read the article below, but it is interesting to note that Lim Soon Hoe (a descendant of Lim Liak) gave insight on the possibility also that 錦美界 marker could be written in such a way to reflect the character as Lim Liak's ancestral village 锦里.

A historical boundary marker that we found in August 2021 near Adam Drive gave clues to who the land belong too before 1945, when it was part of the British Sime Road Camp.
The  stone marker resembles the two that were extracted by the National Heritage Board (NHB) from Dover Forest last October.

The rectangular stone marker is about 17cm wide and about 11cm thick. Its exposed surfaces are about 42cm high. On two sides, the marker bears the Chinese characters "Jin Mei Jie", indicating that it was used to demarcate the boundary of land relating to an entity named "Jin Mei", or "Gim Bee" in Hokkien.

Boundary marker 錦美界 near Adam Drive (photo by me)



Origin of historical boundary marker found near Adam Drive puzzles researchers. by Ng Keng Gene (2022, April 4). The Straits Times



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