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Tan Cheng Kiat (Bukit Brown)

Tan Cheng Kiat ( 陳清吉) is the managing partner of Hoe Thong and Kim Lam Co. Ltd. The companies are importers & exporters of produce, rubber, marine products, general merchants and commission agents. He has also a Bricks and Tile Works at 632, Aljunied Road under the business of Kim Lam Co. Ltd. Kim Lam Co. Ltd in the late 50s and early 60s went into the property business and sold terrace houses in Quemoy Park (off Paya Lebar). You can read about his early years from here

Tan Cheng Kiat
Tan Cheng Kiat (source: 颖川公所 16th anniversary book )

Hoe Thong and Kim Lam Co. Ltd at 38 Telok Ayer Street
Fortunately with contributions from the descendants of Tan Cheng Kiat, you can see a picture of him in front of his office at 38 Telok Ayer Street with the Hoe Thong and Kim Lam Co. Ltd signboards, visible. 

Tan Cheng Kiat in front of his company signs (Hoe Thong) and (Kim Lam Co. Ltd)
at 38 Telok Ayer Street
(photo courtesy of Jason Tan)  

Hoe Thong 

Kim Lam
Kim Lam Co. Ltd in 1964

Social Contributions 
Tan Cheng Kiat was the Honorary Chairman of Eng Chuan Kong Soh (颖川公所). Tan Cheng Kiat found time to also officiate weddings and there was a nice article of him sitting in the middle taking a picture with 19 of the 27 married couples at a mass wedding held at the Hokkien Huay Kuan premises in September 1958.

Tan Cheng Kiat officiating a mass wedding 

When Tan Lark Sye the rubber millionaire was elected President of the Ee Hoe Hean Club in 1960, Tan Cheng Kiat was a committee member.

Tan Cheng Kiat passed away at the age of 78 on 12th August 1966. His wife Madam Chua Woo Neo passed away earlier at the age of 59 on 27th August 1955. I only have the picture of the funeral cortege of Mr. Tan Cheng Kiat to share and many children, grandchildren and great grandchildren can be seen in attendance. 

Funeral entourage for Mr. Tan Cheng Kiat (photo courtesy of Jason Tan)

Funeral of the late Tan Cheng Kiat (photo courtesy of Jason Tan)

Unfortunately i do not have the names of their children. On the exhumed tomb of Mr. Mrs. Tan Cheng Kiat, the names of their children and grandchildren are listed there. If you are able to translate them, do leave a comment below.

Tan Cheng Kiat and family (photo courtesy of Jason Tan)

Names of children and grandchildren of Mr and Mrs Tan Cheng Kiat

Tan Cheng Kiat's mansion in Kinmen
Tan Cheng Kiat built a beautiful mansion in Kinmen (now part of Taiwan) in which exist till today.
(source: Tripadvisor)

Location of tomb
Mr and Mrs Tan Cheng Kiat tomb have already been exhumed, but we can still see sufficient materials to reflect on its heritage. The tomb is located in Block 3 Division C,  Plot numbers  126D, 148D, 137H. Their tomb is located slightly above the tomb of Mr. and Mrs. Ong Sam Leong (best go up from the earth deity side).You can also find a brick made from his factory, Kim Lam. Another interesting finding is a photo of the tomb of Mrs.Tan Cheng Kiat in Bukit Brown in the 1950's before the passing of Mr. Tan Cheng Kiat. If you look closer, you can see the picture of Madam Chua on the headstone, but the picture of the Mr. Tan Cheng Kiat side is empty. His name is still painted red.  

Finally you will notice how clear the Bukit Brown hill is in the 1950s.  
Tomb of Mrs.Tan Cheng Kiat 

Tomb of Mr and Mrs. Tan Cheng Kiat today 

Kim Lam brick


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Friday, November 27, 2020

Chan Beng Loon (Bukit Brown)

Chan Beng Loon was the Head Clerk of General Rubber Co. Chan Beng Loon passed at the age of 51 at his residence  at 2-C, Truro Road on 15th May 1932. He is survived by his wife, 3 sons, Chan Chim Lim, Chan Chim Teck and Chan Chim Bock, 3 daughters; Mrs. Chew Tiong Gan, Chan Guek Kim and Amy,  1 son-in-law, Chew Tiong Gan and several grandchildren. In the newspapers, the location was stated in error to be Bukit Timah Cemetery when in fact, Chan Beng Loon is buried in Bukit Brown. From the tomb, the name of the daughters are Chan Guek Liat, Chan Guek Kim and Chan Guek Ee.

Madam Ong Geok Eng passed away at the age of 61 on 25th May 1943. 

Chan Beng Loon

Madam Ong Geok Eng 


Son: Chan Chim Bock
Chan Chim Bock was a well-known badminton player. In the men's doubles final of the All-Malaya badminton tournament in 1937, Chan Chim Bock partnered with Wong Peng Soon. He was closely associated with Mayflower Badminton Party and played more badminton competitions representing that club. Chan Chim Bock's residence was No. 47, Shrewbury Road off Moulmein Road.

There was an article of his marriage to Catherine Lim on October 1934.

Location of tomb
Chan Beng Loon tomb is located in Bukit Brown at Hill 3 Section B, plot 47. Both tombs have recently been restored by the descendants. 


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Monday, November 23, 2020

Tok Hong Kian and family (Bukit Brown)

Tok Hong Kian passed away at the age of 58 on 16th December 1933 at his residence, No. 307 River Valley Road. He leaves behind a widow, a brother, Mr. Tok Hong Kiat, 3 sisters, 4 sons, Tok Teck Hup, Tok Peng Leong, Tok Peng Whi and Tok Peng Hock, 3 daughters, 2 sons-in-law, Tan Teck Cheng and Tan Choon Guan, 2 daughters-in-law and several grandchildren.

Mrs, Tok Hong Kian nee Madam Tan Hong Neo passed away on 14th June 1966. She leaves behind her sons, Tok Teck Hup, Tok Peng Leong, Tok Peng Whi and Tok Peng Hock, 3 daughters, 5 daughters-in-law, 3 sons-in-law, 23 grandchildren, 3 grand daughters-in-law, 5 grandsons-in-law and 14 great grandchildren. The cortege leaves 3 Hariyn Road (continuation of Dunkirk Avenue off Dunearn Road) to Bukit Brown. 

Over the years, Tok Hong Kian's name was associated with a number of companies. One of the interesting companies he was associated with since 1919 to 1923 whereby Mr. Tok Hong Kian was the Manager of the Oriental Export Company, Ltd. manufacturing refined Jelutong. It's office is situated at 2 Raffles Quay and its works are situated at 97 Albert Street and 6 Kampong Java Road. 


From the tomb of Mr. and Mrs. Tok Hong Kian we can map a bit of the family tree although some names unfortunately i am not able to see clearly. 

Tok Teck Hup, Tok Peng Leong, Tok Pheng Whi, Tok Peng Hock
Tok Siew Eng, Tok Hock Wah, Tok Chong Hock
Tok Geok Lim Tok Hock Khim, Tok Hock Eng, Tok Hock Chye, Tok Keong Choon, Tok Choo Beng, Tok Geok Seng, Tok Geok Tat
Grand daughters:
Tok Geok Lian, Tok Poh Eng, ? Tok Poh Choo, Tok Poh Gek, Tok Han Lian, Tok Han Choon, Tok Kim Choo. 
Great Grandsons
Tok Kim Yam 

Brother: Tok Hong Kiat
Tok Hong Kiat was one of the many people who went missing after the fall of Singapore. He was last seen being taken away to the holding area in Jalan Besar and likely a victim of Sook Ching. His wife, Madam Tan Chim Neo who died in 1st January 1938 is buried in Bukit Brown in Hill 3 Division C, plot 170.
Likely victim of Sook Ching

Son: Tok Peng Liong / Tok Peng Leong 
Tok Peng Liong (second son of Mr. and Mrs. Tok Hong Kian) got engaged to Miss Ong Geok Choon (2nd daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ong Hup Keng). Marriage will take place on 2nd March 1931.  

Eldest daughter
Mr. Tok Hong Kian entertained a large number of Chinese and European friends to a dinner at his house in River Valley Road on 22 October 1928 on the occasion of the marriage of his eldest daughter to Mr. Tan Teck Cheng. 

Location of tomb
Tok Hong Kian Block 3 Section D, Reserve plots 688 and 669


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Lim Sim Ewe (Bukit Brown)

Lim Sim Ewe passed away at the age of 37 on 28th August 1932. The children listed on his tomb are sons; Lim Hood Poh and Lim Hock Soon. 

Son: Lim Hood Poh 
The engagement was announced on 26th February 1950 between Mr. Lim Hood Poh (second son of the late Mr. Lim Sim Ewe and Mrs. Lim Sim Ewe) and Miss Seet Poey Geok (eldest daughter of the late Mr. Seet Chee Hean and Mrs. Seet Chee Hean). The wedding of Miss Seet Poey Geok and Mr. Lim Hood Poh took place on November 1950 at the Registry. The reception was held at the Cathay Restaurant. 

Lim Hood Poh passed away at the age of 78  on 12th April 2008. He is survived by his wife and children; Diana Lim, David Lim, Judy Ong, Teo Hong Him,
Grandchildren; Linda Teo, Alison Teo, Gail Lim, John Marriott
Greatgrandson; Liam Marriot 
Madam Seet Poey Geok passed away at the age of 85 on 10th July 2015. 
Wedding of Lim Hood Poh and Seet Poey Geok

Lim Hood Poh obituary notice

Variant Name: Lim Sim Ewe / Lim Sim Wee

Location of tomb
Lim Sim Ewe tomb is located at Hill 3 Division C, plot 835 (close by to the tomb of Tan Keong Saik)
Lim Sim Ewe tomb 


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Thursday, November 19, 2020

Chua Chik Quee (Bukit Brown)

Chua Chik Quee was an employee of Rodyk and Davidson. Chua Chik Quee passed away on 31st December 1932. From the burial registrar, his age was listed as 48. He is survived by:
Sons; Chua Teck Chye, Chua Teck Beng,
Daughters: Chua Teck Choo, Chua Teck Choon, Chua Teck Kim, Chua Teck Kian 

Wife: Madam Lim Quee Jee
Madam Lim Quee Jee was 41 years when she became a widow in 1932 after her husband, Chua Chik Quee passed away. Madam Lim Quee Jee passed away at the age of 89 on 8th January 1980. The cortege left from 42 Jalan Chengkok for Bulim Cemetery. 

She is survived by:
Chua Teck Chye
Chua Teck Beng 
Flossie Chia Lek Neo
Margaret Tan
Chua Teck Choon 
Chua Teck Kim
Tan Ah Choon
Goh Kok Hee
James Chua Seng Ban 
Peter Chua Seng Hock 
Andrew Chua Seng Lay
Thomas Chua Seng Chuan
Susan Chua Bee Lian
Pauline Chua
Benedict Chua
Ong Teong Hean
Ong Teong Lee
Ong Teong Eok
Ong Teong Seng, Michael
Ong Kuay Juay
Charles Chua Kuan Lim
Eileen Ong Teong Har
Helen Ong Teong Hoon
Doris Ong Teong Wan 
Lilian Ong Teong Gian
Goh Guek Lian 
Son: Chua Teck Chye 
In a 1988 article, a then 73 year old Chua Teck Chye was featured as the Big Walk's oldest competitor. His name and wife's name (Flossie) matches the obituary notice of Madam Lim Quee Jee (Mrs. Chua Chik Quee). 

Location of tomb 
Chua Chik Quee is buried in Hill 3 Section C, plot 636 


Death. (1980, January 10). The Straits Times, page 22
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Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Albert Lim Liat Juay and family (Bukit Brown)

It all started with a tomb request to find the burial location of Albert Lim Liat Juay (Dr. Albert Lim). Armed with 2 important oral account clues, the first one being that Albert Lim Liat Juay cremated remains were placed in an urn in Bukit Brown and the second clue was that there was a marble plaque that is said to be located together with his parents tomb, Mr. Lim Ie Ging and Mrs. Lim Ie Ging, nee Oei Khoen Neo (sister of the Sugar Baron Oei Tiong Ham). After confirmation that indeed there was a burial entry in Bukit Brown registrar, it was off to look for the marble plaque. Long story short, we found the plaque on the second attempt. 

Dr. Albert Lim Liat Juay was one of Singapore's most senior general medical practitioners. His secondary education was at George Watson's College in Edinburgh and medical education at the University of Edinburgh. He was a Municipal Commissioner until 1942 and served on the council of Raffles College, the visitors' board of the General Hospital and the Committee on Tuberculosis. A keen golfer, Dr. Albert Lim was a founding member of the Island Club and his brother is Singapore's oldest golfer. Dr. Albert Lim passed away at the age of 80 on 1st January 1970 after a long illness at his home at 72 Cuscaden Road. He is survived by his wife and a family of doctors, his son, 4 daughters and all the sons-in-laws are in medicine. (Son: Jerry Lim Kian Tho, Daughters: Margaret Lim Toan Keng, Diana Lim Toan Yang, Patsy Lim Toan Lin, Irene Lim Toan Kiaw ). 

Dr. Albert Lim Liat Juay and wife, Mary Lim

The dark color marble plaque that is in the courtyard of the tomb of Mr and Mrs. Lim Ie Ging reads;

BORN: OCTOBER, 15, 1890.
DIED: JANUARY 1, 1970. 


Albert Lim Liat Juay

There was a lovely article dated 1st July 1949, where all the 4 daughters of Dr. Albert Lim were standing together on a staircase. The article mentions that Misses Lim Toan Kiaw (21), Lim Toan Lin (22) and Lim Toan Yang (25) were studying to be doctors in Singapore. The eldest daughter, Miss Lim Toan Keng (27) already graduated after receiving her Diploma. All of them received their early education at Raffles Girl's School and later at Raffles College and the College of Medicine. 

Dr. Margaret Lim Toan Keng / Lim Toan Keng (1921-3 August 2011)
I found a beautiful picture of Miss Lim Toan Keng when she was only 4 years old. It was a photo submitted by her proud father, Dr. Albert Lim for a picture competition. Dr. Lim Toan Keng was the recipient of the Queen's Scholarship for 1949.  Dr. Margaret Lim Toan Keng passed away at the age of 90 on 3 August 2011. 
Lim Toan Keng (4 years old)

Dr. Diana Lim Toan Yang / Lim Toan Yang / Mrs.Chee Phui Hung / Mrs. Diana Chee (1924-2013)
Dr. and Mrs. Chee Phui Hung got married on 23th December 1951. The bride was formerly Miss (Dr.) Lim Toan Yang, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. A.J. Lim. The reception was held at Raffles Hotel. 
Dr. Lim Toan Yang passed away on 29 May 2013. She is survived by her children; Deborah, Barbara & Boon Chye, Winston & Tina, Grandchildren: Michelle, Daniel, Bernadette and Benjamin. The cortege left from 14 Cluny Road, Singapore 259578. 

Mrs Diana Chee and Mr. Chee Phui Hung

Dr. Patsy Lim Toan Lin / Lim Toan Lin / Mrs. Wong Heck Sing
Dr. Wong Heck Sing and Dr. Patsy Lim married on December 1953 at Wesley Church. The bride is the daughter of Dr. and Mrs. A.J. Lim. The reception was held at Sea View Hotel. They have a son, Professor John Wong Eu-Li who is an oncologist and former Chief Executive of the National University Health System. 

Dr. Wong Heck Sing and Dr. Patsy Lim Toan Lin

Dr. Irene Lim Toan Kiaw / Lim Toan Kiaw /Mrs Koh Eng Kheng
The wedding between Dr. Koh Eng Kheng (elder son of Mr. and Mrs. Koh Tian Seng) and Dr. Irene Lim Toan Kiaw, (youngest daughter of Dr. & Mrs. A. L. J. Lim) will take place on 17th December 1955 at St. Andrew's Cathedral. 

Dr. Jerry Lim Kian Tho
The only information i have at the moment is that Dr. Jerry Lim Kian Tho is the co-founder and past chairman , member of Governing Council, Dover Park Hospice (2009) (2017)

The Albert and Mary Lim Award
In memory of their parents, their children instituted The Albert and Mary Lim Award. The family members donated a total of $25,000. Their children are;
Dr. and Mrs. Wong Heck Sing
Dr and Mrs. Chee Phui Hung
Dr. and Mrs. Koh Eng Kheng
Dr. and Mrs. Jerry Lim
Dr. Margaret Lim Toan Keng. 

Tan Tang Niah and Dr. Albert Lim (Bukit Brown connection)
When Mr. Tan Tang Niah, J.P passed away at his residence in 40, Kerbau Road, it was Dr. Alibert Lim that issued the death certificate stating that Tan Tang Niah died primarily from phthisis and secondarily from diabetes. 

Variant Names
Lim Ie Ging / Lim E King 
Albert Lim Liat Juay  / Dr. Albert Lim / A.J.Lim /Albert Liat Juay Lim
[research on-going]


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Cheong Swee Teck and family (Bukit Brown)

Cheong Swee Teck, ex-managing partner of Kim Ann & Co. passed away on 8th February 1956 leaving behind his only daughter, Cheong Geok Kee (Chitnya), son-in-law, Lee Ah Bah, 2 grandsons and 1 grand daughter. The cortege left from 64 Merryn Road for Bukit Brown. 

Mrs Cheong Swee Teck (nee Ong Thiam Neo) passed away at the age of 52 at her residence, No.126 Killiney Road on 29 December 1933. She leaves behind her husband, a daughter, a son-in-law, Mr. Lee Ah Bah, 2 grandchildren and a nephew, Mr. Cheong Choon Loke. (Malacca papers please copy)

On their tomb listed are:
Daughter: Cheong Geok Kee
Grandsons: Cheong Teow Soon, Lee Thuan Soon
Grand daughter: Katherine Lee Gek Neo
The tomb of Mr and Mrs Cheong Swee Teck tomb is located in Hill 3 Section C, plot 369

Cheong Swee Teck
Cheong Swee Teck

Madam Ong Thiam Neo
Madam Ong Thiam Neo 

Kim Ann & Co
Kim Ann & Co carried its business at No. 243 Orchard Road. When Cheong Swee Teck retired as of 1st January 1941 he handed business to his son-in-law; Lee Wah Kee alias Lee Ah Bah and Teo Hoe Song who take over the business as partners.  Kim Ann & Co sold a number of goods which you can find in advertisements all the way to the early 50's.

Kim Ann & Co


Daughter: Cheong Geok Kee nee Mrs. Anna Lee Ah Bah
Cheong Geok Kee (only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Cheong Swee Teck) got engaged to Lee Wah Kee alias Lee Ah Bah (son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Lee Boon Sway). Mrs. Anna Lee Ah Bah nee Cheong Geok Kee, Chit-nya passed away at the age of 86 on 22th May 1988. She is survived by her husband, Lee Ah Bah and the following children;
Sons: Harry Cheong Teow Soon, George Lee Thuan Soon
Daughter-in-law: Leau Siok
Daughter: Katherine Lee Gek Neo
Son-in-law: Po Gim Chong
Grandsons; Eric Po, Edgar Po, Kevin Po, Lee Ming Hong 
Granddaughter-in-law: Regina Khoo
Granddaughter: Vivian Cheong, Lee Wan Ling 
Grandson-in-law: Ian Tan 
Anna Lee Ah Bah nee Cheong Geok Kee
Obituary notice of Mrs. Anna Lee Ah Bah 


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Saturday, November 14, 2020

Poh Kim Yong and family (Bukit Brown)

I came across the large tomb of Mr Po Kim Yong (Poh Kim Yong) and his wife, Madam Tan Seng Neo while finding a path from the tomb of Chew Boon Lay, Tan Eng Neo to Ong Sam Leong. There is no death date indicated for Mr. Poh Kim Yong. Madam Tan Seng Neo was listed as passing away on 24th July 1933 at the age of 42. The name of a son, Po Huat Chye and 1 daughter, Po Choo Neo can be see from the tomb. 

Poh Kim Yong and Tan Seng Neo
Poh Kim Yong and Tan Seng Neo

Poh Kim Yong and Tan Seng Neo
Poh Kim Yong and Tan Seng Neo 

Father-in-law: Tan Hood Choe 
Tan Hood Choe passed away at the age of 62 on 22nd January 1925 at his residence, "Hood Lodge", 510 Kampong Bahru Road. He is the father of Tan Bian Wan, Tan Poey Teng, Tan Seng Neo, Tan Bock Huan and father-in-law of Poh Kim Yong . (As both Tan Seng Neo and Poh Kim Yong name is mentioned here, i am pretty sure that Tan Seng Neo is the daughter of Tan Hood Choe). Tan Hood Choe is buried in Hill 1 Division B, plot 190. 

Thanks to James Koh, who found the burial entry of Po Kim Yong and confirmed that indeed that Tang Seng Neo and her husband Poh Kim Yong were buried together. Po Kim Yong passed away at the age of 64 on 3th November 1953. The burial record shows that he is buried in Block 3, Section C, plot 495.

Location of tomb
Madam Tan Seng Neo is buried in Hill 3 Division C, plot 484. I am uncertain whether Po Kim Yong is buried beside her, since his date of death is not listed. 

Variant names: Po Kim Yong / Poh Kim Yong


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Friday, November 13, 2020

Miss Chua Cheng Neo (Bukit Brown)

Miss Chua Cheng Neo (born 1st January 1910 - died 12th November 1926) was 16 years old when she passed away.  Miss Chua is buried in Hill 1 Division B, plot 268. The tombs around this area (row) have now recently made more visible due to efforts of 1 descendant who clear quite a number of tombs in Hill 1 Division B. 

Miss Chua Cheng Neo

Thursday, November 12, 2020

Madam Ho Gin Tian (Bukit Brown)

Madam Ho Gin Tian (1851 -1927) passed away on 11th November 1927 at the age of 77. Listed on her tomb are the names of children; son; Peck Kong Yan, 1 daughter; Peck Leng Neo, grand-daughter; Peck Im Neo, grandson, Peck Kim Inn, Great grand daughter; Peck Chiat Beo, Great Grand son Peck Poh Eng. In her obituary notice, Madam Hoe Gin Tian nee Mrs Pek Ann residence was listed as at 100-3 Neil Road and that she passed away at the age of 78, leaving a son, one daughter, 5 grandchildren, 8 great grandchildren. 

Madam Ho Gin Tian nee Mrs. Pek Ann
Madam Ho Gin Tian

Location of tomb
Madam Ho Gin Tian is buried in Hill 1 Division B, plot 126

Madam Ho Gin Tian nee Mrs. Pek Ann
Madam Ho Gin Tian nee Mrs. Pek Ann tomb at Bukit Brown

Variant names: Ho Gin Tian / Hoe Gin Tian / Mrs. Pek Ann
Peck Kong Yan / Pek Kong Yan


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