Sunday, November 06, 2005

Changi Hospital - I

View of Ubin 

Remnants of a once functional hospital

Changi Hospital

The view of the corridors from two different floors within the building (2nd and third floor)
Old Changi Hospital 

Changi Village revisited -01.10.2005

It's been a long, long while since i really explored Changi Village. Unfortunately one portion of it has been closed from public access. I used to be able to visit the area on the right of Loyang Village (i.e turn right before church) -there are a lot of bungalows there which unfortunately now as become SAF land and therefore out of bounds.

Well, i was still able to visit the area of Halton, Upavon and Hendon Roads and was once again rewarded with many things i have not seen for a long time.

E.g the photo above (on the right) looks like a orange oh??...But after consulting the nature books and also from memory of tree walks conducted by the Nature Society, i found out it is actually a fig creeping up and on holding on to the main tree.

The photo on the left is the Changi Hospital. After getting approval from the (unoffical )caretaker - a middle age chinese man sitting in front of the entrance, i went in for a view. Definitely rewarded with lovely view of Changi Village. Another surprising thing was the coolness of the building. The ventilation was excellent and really do not need to be air -conditioned.

I need to read up more about Changi Hospital...Will post some more pics of it later...c ya