Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Red Jungle Fowl in Ubin


Male Red Junglefowl accompanied
by 2 female (in background)
Red Jungle Fowl (Gallus Gallus) looks a bit like domesticated chicken, but are in fact wild ancestor of them. Though not rare, they are listed as potentially endangered due to poaching and interbreeding with domesticated ones.

The unique features include the male having a call slightly similar to domestic cock but more high pitch and ends abruptly. Male cocks (with the red comb) has a distinct white ear patch and white tuff at base of tail. Tail is glossy green in colour. Female hens have white ear patch (but smaller). 

Observed by others before and something i saw personally as well - the junglefowl can "fly" quite a distance when alarmed or frightened ! The photos of the Red Junglefowl were taken in Ubin in April 2010. (at T junction of Jalan Noordin and Jalan Batu Kechil)

Juvenile and Adult Oriental Pied Hornbill

How do we differentiate between an Juvenile and an Adult Oriental Pied Hornbill? The left is slightly smaller and does not have that distinct pied form on its beak yet, while the one of the right is an Adult.  This photo was taken in Ubin Island in April 2010 nearby the NParks visitor exhibition center.
Juvenile(left) and Adult(right) Oriental Pied Hornbill