Friday, June 29, 2007

St George's Church, Singapore (Red-brick building)

How many of you out there love Red Brick Building's ? Well, i do ! The first building i work in had red bricks for it's facade (the old Marine Parade Library-now turned in NTUC Fair Price.

This are some photos from St. George's Church, Minden Road (off Tanglin). Reading their website, this beautiful Anglican Church was built in 1911 for the British soldiers based around that area which was then a military barracks.

And finally, the place is lovely because of the wonderful and old Tembusu trees around the church.


Friday, June 22, 2007

Python having lunch

Got this photo while visting Singapore Botanical Gardens. A baby python in the process of having lunch !(a squirrel). We all know for a fact the squirrel is already dead, but there were some people asking the National Park officer's to save the squirrel.

Getting worried, a N-Park volunteer brought the python to safety....Phew !

The old Commando building revisited (Changi Village)

Here are some photos from the old commando building before it is turned to a Spa or something like that. I believe URA have called a tender to turn this building together with the old changi village into commercial and economically viable building.

Another view of the building

Finally some ex-commandoes might recognised this ! I believe many a good old BBQ's was held here..

View inside one of the many hall ways of the old commando camp.

Profile of the main entrance.

R E 1936

Profile of building

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Brahminy Kite

Spotted this Brahminy Kite in Sg Buloh during our walks in April 07. Interestingly it was on a mangrove tree very close to the board walk. It was doing self-grooming,cleaning its feathers fully aware we are around but did nothing !