Monday, April 09, 2007

Trip to Sebana Cove, Pengerang Johor to watch fireflies

A friend invited us over to Sebana Cove, Pengerang Johor, Malaysia. Since i am not a golfer and neither do i intend to play golf..My initial reaction was a bit slow.

But anyway's,we packed our bag's and departed via Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal. Check-in, etc went smoothly and it only takes 35-40 minutes before we arrive at Sebana Cove which has it's on jetty,customs, etc. That and the fact the hotel is only a stone's throw away after clearing immigration.

It was a trip to see Fireflies at night around the mangrove swamp area surrounding Sebana and definitely we were not disappointed ! They were many, many mangrove trees that looked lighted up like Christmas trees.

The ship that brought us to Sebana

Morning Mist in Sebana

Mirror in the morning
A nice mirror mirage of Sebana Cove.

Sebana Cove Jetty in the morning
This is the view of Sebana cove in the morning with the mist in place.

Firefly Watch
Photos from the firely watch..Too dark to show you the fireflies though.

Oriental Piped Hornbill that flew across our heads just before heading back to jetty for home.