Monday, February 20, 2006

Sungai Buloh -19 Feb 06 (more shots)

Picture of a Stork-billed kingfisher

Picture of a unknown spider

Picture of a unknown spider 2

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Estuarine Crocodile at Sg Buloh, Singapore.

Started another memorable day with a trip to Sg. Buloh to look at shore birds / migratory birds and i was rewarded with this shot on our way back after a usual birdwatching trip. It is a wild estuarine crocodile spotted near the main bridge of Visitor Centre...(between Hide 1 and 1a). It was just lying still basking in the shade of the sun. It is about 1.6 m long and i was told by one of the Sg. Buloh volunteers (Keith), it is about 2 years old only...!!!! Just imagine how big it will be in a couple of years time !!!! wow....
estuarine crocodile
estuarine crocodile
Hope to spot an otter next time.. By the way, we saw a Painted Stork in flight as well !!!!!!
Epiphyte -Dischida major which has symbosis with ants
Epiphyte -Dischida major which has symbosis with ants
Grey Heron perch on dead mangrove trunk)
Grey Heron perch on dead mangrove trunk

Some of the birds we saw today
At the main bridge
Grey Heron (1)
White-breasted waterhen (2)
Black crown night heron (1)
Little heron (1)
Little egrets (2-5)
Intermediate egrets

At various locations in Sg Buloh
Painted Stork
Whimbrel (lots of them !! haha)
Pacific Golden Plover (4-5)
Marsh Sandpiper (8-10)
Terek Sandpiper ( 2-3)
Common redshank ( a few)
Common greenshank ( a few)
Stork-billed Kingfisher (one)
Plovers - but don't know which...
Collared kingfisher (1)
Great Egret (3)
Intermediate Egret (13-16)
Little Egret (13-16)
Cinamon bittern (1)
Sunbird -not sure which? (2)

Monday, February 13, 2006

Frasier Hill -the wild life

Some of the wild life shots we got during our visit to Fraser Hill. The Rhino beetle just outside our room !!

While walking around, i almost stepped on a green snake. Closer inspection, i thought it was dead as it has flesh coming out of its face, but.....nooooo....!!it was still alive......aiyoh..roll-over but still alive and suffering..poor thing. According to me friend, it is called Pope's Pit Viper....

How about the cute blue "ulat beluncas" a.k.a. before i become a butterfly....(don't know what the hell it is)..haahahh
Rhino Beetle
Beautiful caterpillar
Green viper (Pope's Green Viper)