Resource Guide on Bukit Brown

Sometimes i do get request on sharing resources related to Bukit Brown and this request is indeed valid. It has been over 10 years since we started this movement to save and conserve Bukit Brown. Over the years there were many resources now available online. I will attempt to list as many as possible, so that this can become a Resource list of sorts that might help you in your journey to find out about Bukit Brown Cemetery and its importance to Singapore as a site for conservation and even the next UNESCO World Heritage site. 

Resource Guide to Bukit Brown

Do come back often, as i will continue to update the list below. 


Self-guided & Guided Tours

Bukit Brown Wayfinder. (PDF, 13.4 Mb). Source: Singapore Heritage Society
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Burial Registry

Burial Registers of Bukit Brown (1922-1972). Source: National Archives Singapore


Below are a resource list of videos that i have compiled that features on and about Bukit Brown and the duration. It is not meant to be comprehensive, but handpicked by me after watching them. 

Tomb keepers of Bukit Brown

Meet the People Keeping Bukit Brown Cemetery Alive. (2:56)
Memory Makers: The Bukit Brown Caretakers. – Roots SG (9:09)

Rites and Rituals of Bukit Brown 

Qing Ming 2022 - Yap Geok Song Revisited (Article). Rojak Librarian 

Story of the early Pioneers of Singapore

Volunteers of Bukit Brown 

Bukit Brown. (website). All Things Bukit Brown
Home. (website). Singapore Tombstones Epigraphic Materials 新加坡墓碑铭集录
Home. (website). The Rojak Librarian.
Bukit Brown. (website).The Bukit Brown Cemetery Documentation Project
Bukit Brown. (website). Bukit Brown: Living Museum of History and Heritage
Bukit Brown Municipal Cemetery. (website). Singapore Infopedia. National Library, Singapore
NewspaperSG. (website). National Library, Singapore 

Social Media 

Position Papers

Position Paper on Bukit Brown (2012). (PDF).  Singapore Heritage Singapore
Nature Society’s Position on Bukit Brown (2011). (PDF). Nature Society
Bukit Brown Cemetery, A UNESCO World Heritage. (website). Rojak Librarian, published on 2 April 2013
UNESCO Heritage site bid - Why not Bukit Brown too? (website). Rojak Librarian, published on 14 April 2013
Parliamentary Question by Ms. Janice Koh (Bukit Brown). (website). Rojak  Librarian, published on 9 July 2013

Academic Papers

Jianli, H. (2014). Resurgent Spirits of Civil Society Activism: Rediscovering the Bukit Brown Cemetery in Singapore. Journal of the Malaysian Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society, 87(2 (307)), 21–45.

Yeoh, B. S. A. (1991). The Control of “Sacred” Space: Conflicts over the Chinese Burial Grounds in Colonial Singapore, 1880-1930. Journal of Southeast Asian Studies, 22(2), 282–311.

Pang, N., & Khiun, L. K. (2020). Mediating Community in Bukit Brown. In S. S.-Y. Chung & M. Douglass (Eds.), The Hard State, Soft City of Singapore (pp. 233–250). Amsterdam University Press.

Tan, See Mieng. (2023). Speaking up for the dead in Bukit Brown Cemetery? An anthropological enquiry on contemporary civil society in Singapore. (Thesis). The University of Edinburgh



Tan, K. (2011). Spaces of the dead : a case from the living. Ethos Books ; Singapore Heritage Society. Availability: NLB

Leow, C.,& Lim, C. (2016). World War II @ Bukit Brown. Published under the imprint Ethos Books by Pagesetters Services Pte Ltd and Singapore Heritage Society. Availability: NLB

Ong Siang Song. (2020). One Hundred Years’ History Of The Chinese In Singapore: The Annotated Edition. World Scientific. Availability: NLB / eBook

Yuan, W. Q., & College, P. J. (2013). 1911 Revolution: Singapore Pioneers in Bukit Brown. Availability: NLB

Teo, J. (2022). Do-it-yourself Bukit Brown Tour: A Pocket Guide by the People. Availability: NLB

Cooper, J. (2016). Tigers in the Park. Availability: NLB

CPinto-Rodrigues, A., & Lim, V. (2015). Peranakan tiles Singapore. Aster By Kyra Pte. Ltd. Availability: NLB


Jung, S. (2019). Bukit Brown.
Availability: NLB
Gan, M. (2019). The Ghost Who Pinched Me. Marshall Cavendish International Asia Pte Ltd.
Availability: NLB


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