Sunday, July 20, 2014

Aerial view of Bukit Brown in 1948 -roundabout

The detailed aerial photograph of Bukit Brown taken in 1948 by the British Royal Air Force 81 Squadron sparked my interest to identify some of the structures seen from air with the old and new photographs taken from ground. The montage i did showcases and pinpoints the location of the shelter that use to exist in Bukit Brown. This shelter was used by the descendants of the funeral to seek shelter from the hot sun or as can be seen from one of the photos below, the torrential rain.

The roundabout existed until the start of the 8 lane highway which eventually leveled it. The picture on the bottom right shows the location and the picture of the Bukit Brown temple which no longer exist. Beside the temple and clearly visible in the aerial photograph is the unique tomb of Ho Siak Kuan's cluster.
Aerial view of the roundabout area in Bukit Brown 

Bukit Brown 

source: Map of Singapore City, 1954. Survey Department of the Federation of Malaya

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