Chionh Ke Hu (Bukit Brown)

Chionh Ke Hu /Chionh Kee Hu (蒋骥甫) was a rubber merchant of the Bin Seng Co. Ltd / Sin Seng Co. Ltd and director of United Chinese Bank.  Bin Seng Co. Ltd  /Bin Seng Rubber Works was listed to operate at No 1 South Canal Road and its partnership consist of Tan Ean Kiam, Ang Keng Orh and Chioh Ke Hu. Tan Chin Bee left the partnership on April 24, 1928.

In October 1, 1935, United Chinese Bank (UCB) opened its doors for business at the premises formerly occupied by Yokohama Specie Bank at the junction of Chulia and Bonham Street, facing Raffles Place. The chairman is Wee Kheng Chiang and Khoo Beng Cheang the deputy chairman of the board of directors. The directors include Chionh Ke Hu, Wee Cheng Watt, Pang Cheng Yean, Tan Boon Khah and Ong Piah Teng, managing director. The manager of UCB is Mr. Chua Keh Hai. United Chinese Bank (UCB) in 1965 changed its named to United Overseas Bank (UOB).
Group Photograph of founding members of United Chinese Bank (UCB)
As of its opening in 1935, there were in total four Chinese banks operating in Singapore. There were the Overseas Chinese Bank, Sze Hai Tong Bank, Lee Wah Bank and finally United Chinese Bank.
Chua Keh Hai, Pang Cheng Yean and Chionh Kee Hu (together with many other bankers) are buried in Bukit Brown.

Chionh Ke Hu passed away on May 15, 2604 (Syonan calender for 1944). His house was at 398 River Valley Road and the estate executors were Chionh Heok Chor, Teh Kong Yow and Chionh Kak Kiat.

His tomb is located in Hill 3 Division C, very close to Ong Sam Leong's tomb.
Chionh Ke Hu
Chionh Ke Hu's tomb 
An interesting revelation during research. Two badminton stars of Singapore married into the family of Mr Chionh Ke Hu.

Son:  Chiok Hiok Chor (eldest)
Chionh Hiok Chor / Chionh Hock Chor married Miss Wang Siew Eng (daughter of Mr. Ong Siok Tan ), captain of the badminton team in August 1935.

Son: Chionh Lee Chee (Chionh Doo Chee ) 2nd son
The following year, second son, Chionh Lee Chee (Chionh Doo Chee ) married Miss Chan Keng Boon (local state representative and women's junior single's champion)  and younger sister of Mr. Chan Joo Tiang on May 3, 1936 at 10 am at the Chinese Industrial and Commercial School, Outram Road.

Son: Chioh Kah Kiat
Chioh Kah Kiat married Susie Chia Kim. Ee , daughter of Mr and Mrs Chia Eng Say ( a well known contractor in Penang and Singapore) in 1941 t the Chinese Industrial and Commercial School, Outram Road. Over 900 guest were invited.

While researching, i found an article mentioning an estate in River Valley named after Chionh Ke Hu based in River Valley Road. Further research suggest that this is the land around Jalan Mutiara, which during an auction sale of the estate of the late Chionh Kee Hu in 1964 suggest that large tracts of land owned by him were sold. The family home of 398 River Valley Road " Chionh Ke Hu Park" was also broken up and sold in 1958.
source: NewspaperSG
Source: NewspaperSG
source: NewspaperSG
In another hill i found another tomb, Madam Chionh Chun Neo. I wonder if she is related to Chionh Ke Hu.
Chionh Chun Neo (peg 2522)
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