Friday, July 11, 2014

Bread seller on wheels (Penang and Singapore)

A trip to Ayer Itam, Penang to eat Penang Assam Laksa at Ayer Itam Wet Market at Jalan Pasar, was nostalgic since it was many years since i have not eaten the assam laksa in this location. The old memories of sitting behind the Ayer Itam / Air Itam  wet market slurping the noodles and assam broth while getting used to the smell of clogged up drains beside us was something i remembered till this very day and this remained very much the same despite the price increase  (now RM$5 ) and my opinion that there is lesser mackerel fish and the assam laksa broth somewhat less thick but spicier. 
Ayer Itam Assam Laksa 
A vanishing trade - Bread seller on wheels 
Since i am in on the theme of food nostalgia, what strike me even more as nostalgic was the sighting of a bread seller on wheels. He parked beside the Ayer Itam wet market and was in the process of cutting a sandwich bun and spreading it with kaya (coconut jam) when i went over and took pictures of him doing his trade. The young bread seller when asked told me he took over this business for 1 year already.

Bread seller on wheels
Bread Seller on Wheels
Bread seller on wheels
Cutting a bread into slices and spreading it with kaya 

Bread seller on wheels
All done !
Such trades still continue to survive in Malaysia despite the mushrooming of big mega malls, 24 hour outlets such as 7-eleven because of their personal touch in the community they serve and ability to reach to the individuals and families.I hope they will continue to survive for years to come.

A vanished trade in Singapore 
In Singapore, with development of centralised hawker centres, many illegal hawkers disappeared.  Below are some of pictures i can find of bread sellers in Singapore. If you have some old pictures of this vanished trade in Singapore, do share with me. 

Breadseller on wheels- Tanjong Pagar 1989
source: National Archives 
Bread seller on wheels (near Capitol Theatre) 1982
source: National Archives
National Archives of Singapore [website] Archives Online

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