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Chen Ngian Chin and family (Bukit Brown)

Chen Ngian Chin passed away on 18th February 1935 at the age of 74 at his residence in  No 31, Branksome Road. Chen Ngian Chin is the father of Chen Djat Thiam, Dr. Chen Ah Poh, Chen Thiam Chion and Chen Thiam Chit. What is unique of this tomb is that it mentions that Chen Ngian Chin is from Batoeroesa, Banka (or Bangka Island off Sumatra, Indonesia ). He is buried in Hill 3 Division D, plot 816. I am unable to find much information about Chen Ngian Chin.

Chen Ngian Chin

Chen Ngian Chin of Batoeroesa, Banka


Son: Dr Chen Ah Poh / Dr. A. P. Chen
Dr Chen Ah Poh studied in Anglo Chinese School and obtain his medical degree in 1920. Being in private practice (Universal Surgery, Middle Road) for many years, he retired in 1965. During the Japanese occupation of Singapore, a settlement was created in Endau, Johor to move the Chinese civilian population from Singapore to this place coined as New Syonan. Dr. Chen Ah Poh was the resident medical officer tasked with keeping the new population alive and healthy with the limited resources available.

Dr Chen Ah Poh was also a life member of the Singapore Medical Association and was once a regular doctor visiting many plantations, factories and companies in Southern Johor. In the article, "Singapore Grand Old Doctor dies 88", Dr Chen passed away at his Wilkinson Road home, off Tanjong Katong Road on 1 December 1974. He is survived by his wife, Madam Ho Khee Moei, 64, a daughter, 3 sons, one whom is also a doctor in private practice.

Dr. Chen Ah Poh 
Mrs. Chen Ah Poh nee Chia Kim Lian passed away on 2 February 1955. She leaves behind her husband,  mother and 5 children; (Chen Jan Khiat, Chen Jan Chong, Chen Jan Jee, Nellie Chen, Chen Jan Thye.)

Dr. Chen's daughter, Nellie married Rev. Colin King on September 4, 1948.

Marriage notice of Nellie Chen 
Another article feature Dr. T. J. Chen (probably Chen Jan Thye) who was away from Singapore for 10 years in Britain and has return for good. The article gives inside to Dr. T. J. Chen who left Singapore in 1950 to join University College, Dublin and stay on in Dublin until his returned.
Dr. T. J. Chen with his wife, Nellie and son, Thomas
There was a report of the birth of son (Chen Choon Leong) on April 17, 1944, whose parents are Mr and Mrs Chen Jan Jee. Mrs Chan Jan Jee was mentioned in the article to be a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Tan Hock San.

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Lim Kow Nah (Bukit Brown)

Lim Kow Nah passed away at the age of 66 on 19th September 1936 at his residence in No. 40 Outram Road leaving behind his wife, 9 sons, 3 daughters, 4 daughters-in-law, 5 sons-in-laws and 30 grandchildren.  Lim Kow Nah was a shareholder of the Oversea Chinese Bank in 1936 and in 1922 bought 25 acres of freehold rubber land in Thomson area for $7,800. In 1935, Lim Kow Nah bought freehold land of 92,223 sq ft for $80 in Tiong Bahru Road.

Mr. Lim Kow Nah
Block 4 Division A @1.340041,103.824945


There was an engagement notice between Mr. Lim Kim Swee, son of the late Mr. & Mrs Lim Kow Nah with Miss Khoo Choo Neo, daughter of Mr & Mrs Khoo Tiang Hong on 23 July 1953.

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Kow Hock San and family (Bukit Brown)

Kow Hock San passed away on 15th May 1929 at his residence in No 20, Ann Siang Hill. He leaves behind a son, Khoo Beng Whatt and 2 daughters; Kow Choo Neo, Kow Hup Neo; 2 son-in-laws; Messrs. Tan Koon Hong and Lee Cheng Tee.
Grandsons: Kow Leong Watt and Kow Poh Hock
Granddaughter: Kow Poh Neo

Kow Hock San in the burial registrar was listed at 66 years old when he passed on. He is buried in Hill 1 Division B plot 265.

Mother: Khoo Ong Neo
Khoo Ong Neo passed away at the age of 90 on 3 May 1925 at her residence at No 83 Club Street. She leaves behind 1 son, Kow Hock San, 1 grandson, 2 granddaughters, 2 great grandsons, 2 great granddaughters to mourn her lost.

Daughter: Kow Choo Neo
Kow Choo Neo nee Si Besar nee Mrs. Tan Koon Hong passed away at the age of 80 at her residence, No 141A Kallang Airport on 21 October 1962. Madam Kow Choo Neo tomb lies close by her husband's Tan Koon Hong's tomb in  Bukit Brown, Hill 4 Section C plot 1380 and 1400. She was 56 years old when Tan Koon Hong passed away at 63 years old. Tan Koon Hong was a cashier or banker for Chartered Bank of Singapore.

Kow Choo Neo is survived by 1 son; Kow Leng Huat, 2 daughters; Tan Poh Neo, Tan Kim Geok.
Grandsons; Tan Chin Guan, Kow Chin Geok, Kow Chwee Hock
Granddaughters; Kow Whatt Neo, Kow Whatt Eng,
Great-Grandson; Jeffrey Kow Hock Guan.
Mrs. Tan Koon Hong nee Madam Kow Choo Neo (Si Besar)

Daughter: Kow Tiam Neo
The engagement of Miss Kow Tiam Neo, youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs Kow Hock San of 83 Club Street to Mr. Lee Cheng Tee, second son of the late Mr. Lee Seng Joo and Mrs Lee Seng Joo of 30 Neil Road.


Probate and executor of Kow estate went to Lee Ho Neo and Lee Cheng Tee. The late Kow Hock San address was listed as No. 20, Ann Siang Hill.

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