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Madam Chia Wan Neo (Bukit Brown)

Madam Chia Wan Neo (married to 馮 ) passed away on December 6, 1932 at 11 am at her residence No 12, Lorong 4, Geylang Road at the age of 78 years old. She is survived by 2 daughters, Mrs. Tan Boon Poh and Mrs Tan Gim Wee, 5 grandsons ( Quek Chek Yan, Tan Teng Chye, Tan Beng Chye, Tan Beng Hian & Tan Beng Moh ), 7 grand daughters and 34 great grandchildren. The daughters maiden names are Pang Lim Neo and Pang Say Nyah. The family of the late Madam Chia Wan Neo thanked members of the Geylang Straits Chinese, Asiatic staff of the Henry Waugh & Co. Ltd., Chinese staff of Hong Kong & Shanghai Bank, members of Sundries & Provisions, friends and relatives for their attendance.

Her tomb is located in Hill 1 Division B (close to the Wayfinder Introduction marker). 

Madam Chia Wan Neo

Daughter: Pang Say Nyah (Mrs Tan Gim Wee) 

Pang Say Nyah husband, Tan Gim Wee was a pawnbroker of chop Teong Moh at No 472, North Bridge Road and from 1899 -1909, there were several mentions of auctions of unclaimed pawn items that took place in a very much regulated business even back then. He was the Secretary of the Yew Gee Hean Association in 1921. (The President of the Association during that year was was Seah Kim Soh). He also purchased several land and house in Geylang Road area.

Son: Tan Beng Chye, Tan Beng Hian, Tan Beng Moh
Daughters: Tan Bee Hong, Tan Bee Hoon, Tan Bee Luan
Son-in-laws: Lim Nee Eng, Lim Hock Yan, Teonh Kim Eng,

Mr Tan Gim Wee and Madam Pang Say Nah 

Daughter: Pang Lim Neo (Mrs. Tan Boon Poh)
I am not able to pin down for sure who Tan Boon Poh is although there are several articles mentioning of Tan Boon Poh during the period.

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