Qing Ming 2022 - Yap Geok Song revisited

8 years ago i met the descendants of Yap Geok Song in a very happy gathering to celebrate the clearing and restoration of the tomb after they contacted me. The occasion did not go unnoticed and was reported in Zaobao dated 22 September 2014. Today (16 April 2022) i was fortunate to meet again the descendants in their annual Qing Ming occasion to honor their ancestor. I am thankful once again for their permission to document this private moment and for allowing me to join them in this special occasion. I was also very happy they remembered me as well and to note that all who attended today are healthy enough to make the journey into the forest despite a wet muddy day. Fortunately everyone arrived to tomb of Yap Geok Song safely and without incident. Experience shows and everyone efficiently did their part to get ready the offerings and prepare for the prayers and subsequently completing it. It was a gathering of sorts as well, where while waiting for their ancestor to "finish eating", the family bonded through conversations that will continue to bind them as one family for many years to come. 

It was heartening to see that after completing the rites and burning of offerings, the Yap family cleared everything and left no unsightly plastic rubbish behind. I do wish more families who visit during Qing Ming or other special occasions adopt their practice and not litter in their own or worst on other ancestors backyard. 

Paying respects to the earth deity 

Paying respects to Yap Geok Song 

Paying respects to Yap Geok Song. You can see the extend of the tomb, courtyard and sikh guards

Paying respects to Yap Geok Song 

Placing the colored papers behind the tomb mount 

Checking to see if the ancestor have finished eating 

Yes ! confirmed finished eating !

Burning of the "Treasure Chest" 

Topping up with a car 

Offerings on the tomb of Yap Geok Song 

"The eagle soaring to the skies"

Further Reading 

Yap Geok Song was a land property owner, pineapple and rubber planter merchant. His rubber estate was privately owned and was called Kuan Tian or Yap Geok Song's estate. He was also a shareholder of Eastern United Assurance and Oversea Chinese Bank. Yap Geok Song passed away in March 1928 due to heart failure.

Yap Geok Song
(picture courtesy of Yap Family Archives)

Source: Lianhe Zaobao September 22, 2014 

The happy descendant's when i brought them to visit on August 17, 2014

The compound of the tomb when i first saw it in 4 November 2011

The last one, is a video by Brice Li who flew a drone over the tomb of Yap Geok Song in 2020 to give you bird's eye on the beauty of it and why we should continue to fight to save and conserve this place. 



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