Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Ho Soon Neo (Lao Sua)

The black and white picture of the tomb Ho Soon Neo and her family and relatives standing around the tomb looking solemn and with offerings at the altar table and courtyard appeared on various heritage and nostalgic groups in facebook for some time. Some commented that the original photograph is in the hands of an antique shop owner (but i can't be 100% sure). Nevertheless it was providence when it appeared in the Heritage Singapore Bukit Brown facebook group page in April 2017 and within a month, the actual tomb was located by Raymond Goh and one of the resident tombkeeper, Soh Ah Beng. The tomb of Madam Ho Boon Neo's son  (Choo Sian Kay) was also located  Finally in July 2018, i got this visit this tomb and see it with my on eyes how it looked like compared to the old picture below.

Madam Ho Soon Neo tomb (photo likely 1923-1924 period)

It was in Greater Bukit Brown at the Toa Payoh Cemetery (some people call the area Lao Sua or even Heng San Teng) where the tomb of Madam Ho Boon Neo is located. Clearly etched on the stone are the words, "Remembrance, Here Lay the Body of Ho Boon Neo, Age 74. Died on 14th April 1923. However the surrounding areas are overgrown with foliage since 95 years ago and the tomb itself is hardly visible and the courtyard encaustic floor tile are no longer visible.
Madam Ho Boon Neo (2018)

Madam Ho Boon Neo 

The tiles which use to decorate the tomb 
The final picture is the original black and white picture where the image came from. The English text states:- In memory of the late Madam Ho Soon Neo, who passed away on the 18th April 1923 at the age of  74 and leaves one son Choo Siang Kay, the other being the late Choo Sian Kim. If you can make the rest out or have the original picture or are a descendant of the late Madam Ho Boon Neo, leave a comment below.

Original photo with description showing Madam Ho Soon Neo tomb (photo likely 1923-1924 period)

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