Lim Ie Ging and Oei Khoen Nio (Bukit Brown)

Lim Ie Ging passed away at the age of 88 at 20 Cuscaden Road on 27 March 1953. He is the father of Drs. A.L.J and H.K.H. Lim and A.L.B Lim. Mrs Lim Ie Ging nee Oei Khoen Nio passed away at age of 62 at 13 Scotts Road on 9 June 1930. Oei Khoen Nio is the daughter of Major Oei Tiong Ham.

From the Dutch archives, Lim was once the kapitein der Chineezen te Djokjakarta  and also the luitenant der Chineezen te Semarang in the late 1890s. 

Ontheven: Bestuur over vreemde oosterlingen. (18-08-1893)
Op verzoek eervol van de waarneming der betrekking van kapitein der Chineezen te Djokjakarta, residentie van dien naam. Lim Ie Ging. 
(Relieved: Administration of foreign orientals.
Upon request, honorably of the position of captain of the Chinese in Djokjakarta, residence of that name. Lim Ie Ging). In 1893 he would be around 28 years old when Lim Ie Ging step down as the Kapitan Cina of Yogjakarta. 

Bestuur over Vreemde Oosterlingen: Ontslagen : 
Op verzoek, eervol als luitenant der Chineezen te Semarang, Lim Ie Ging. (3-03-1897)
In 1897, Lim Ie Ging was honorably discharged from his position of Lieutenant Cina of Semarang. 

Lim Ie Ging and family c1931 (photo courtesy of Kwee Hongsien)

Seated are from left: Mary Kan Sok Boen, Oei Khoon Nio (1868-1930) and her husband Lim Ie Ging (born in Rembang 1868-1953),

Standing from left: their three sons Albert (Dr.) (1890-1970), Harold (Dr.) (1893-1973) and Arthur (banker) (1896-1962), their daughter passed on 1917 (Lim Djoen Nio).

The children standing from left are: Joyce Lim Kim Liang (nurse) (1922-2003), others unidentified, 

Children seated floor from left: Conny Lim Kim Loan (Dr.) (1926-2018), Harold Lim Kian Poen (Dr.) (1926-2000), the remaining children are Gladys and Phyllis and others unidentified


From their tomb i can make the name of their children;
Sons: Lim Liat Juay, Lim Liat Hin, Lim Liat Boen
Grandsons: Lim Kian Poen, Lim Kian Tho, Lim Kian Tiong, Lim Kian Liam, Lim Kian Lie, Lim Kian Yoe, Lim Kian Haw, Lim Kian Joo 
Granddaughters: Lim Toan King, Lim Ki Liang, Lim Kim Loan, Lim Toan Lin, Lim Giok King, Lim Toan Yang, Lim Giok In, Lim Toan Kiaw

Lim Ie Ging 

Son: Lim Liat Juay / Dr. Lim Liat Juay 
Dr. Albert Lim Liat Juay was one of Singapore's most senior general medical practitioners. His secondary education was at George Watson's College in Edinburgh and medical education at the University of Edinburgh. He was a Municipal Commissioner until 1942 and served on the council of Raffles College, the visitors' board of the General Hospital and the Committee on Tuberculosis. A keen golfer, Dr. Albert Lim was a founding member of the Island Club and his brother is Singapore's oldest golfer. Dr. Albert Lim passed away at the age of 80 on 1 January 1970 after a long illness at his home at 72 Cuscaden Road. He is survived by his wife and a family of doctors, his son, 4 daughters and all the sons-in-laws are in medicine. 
Son: Jerry Lim Kian Tho, 
Daughters: Margaret Lim Toan Keng, Diana Lim Toan Yang, Patsy Lim Toan Lin, Irene Lim Toan Kiaw

Dr. Albert Lim Liat Juay and wife, Mary Lim

Son: Lim Liat Hin / Dr. Harold Lim Liat Sin
Dr. Harold Lim Liat Hin was one of the most senior medical practitioners here who have delivered many prominent Singaporeans. He was one of the first Asians to become a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons from Edinburgh University in 1918. He studied in Raffles Instutiton before heading to George Watson' College in Scotland and his degree in medicine from Edinburgh University. A keen golfer, he was popularly known as "Uncle Harold" and was founder member and life member of the Singapore Island Country Club. 
Dr. Harold Lim Liat Hin passed away at the age of 88 in January 1979. He leaves behind;
his wife, Helen, 
Daughters; Joyce Lim and Dr. Connie Lim (head of the School Health Services, Ministry of Health
Son: Dr. Lim Kian Poen 
and 4 grandchildren 

Son: Lim Liat Boon / Arthur Lim Liat Boon 
Lim Liat Boon was a Director of the Oversea-Chinese Bank before its merger with the Chinese Commercial Bank and Ho Hong Bank in 1932 to become Overseas-Chinese Banking Corporation and continued to be Director in the Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation Ltd. in 1933-1938
Lim Liat Boon was an Attorney of the Oei Tiong Ham Estate. Mrs. Arthur Lim Liat Boon nee Christine Tan Lioe Nio passed away at the age of 86 on 27 November 1983. She is survived by 
Son: Kenneth Lim 
Daughter-in-law: Betty 
Daughters: Gladys Lim, Phyllis Lim 
Sons-in-law: Anton, Yok Lin 
Grandsons: Raymond, Mervyn, Peter
Granddaughters: Susan, Lisa 
The cortege left from 49 Oei Tiong Ham Park. 

Location of tomb

Block 3 Section C, plot 680 &1/2 , 664


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