Lim Liat Boon and Tan Lioe Nio (Bukit Brown)

A huge strangling fig tree as enveloped the tomb of Mr. Lim Liat Boon who passed away at the age of 67 on 17 July 1962. There is also the name of Tan Lioe Nio etched on the tomb but the date of death and age is not listed. 
With some cutting, we can make out the names of their children once again for now;
Son: Lim Kian Lie
Daughters: Lim Giok Keng, Lim Giok Ien
Grandson: Lim Sing Hok
Granddaughter: Lim Mey Lee 

Lim Liat Boon / Lim Liat Boen/ Arthur Lim Liat Boon was a Director of the Oversea-Chinese Bank before its merger with the Chinese Commercial Bank and Ho Hong Bank in 1932 to become Overseas-Chinese Banking Corporation and continued to be Director in the Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation Ltd. in 1933-1938
Lim Liat Boon was an Attorney of the Oei Tiong Ham Estate

Arthur Lim Liat Boon 

Wife: Tan Lioe Nio nee Christine Tan Lioe Nio 
Mrs. Arthur Lim Liat Boon nee Christine Tan Lioe Nio passed away at the age of 86 on 27 November 1983. She is survived by 
Son: Kenneth Lim 
Daughter-in-law: Betty 
Daughters: Gladys Lim, Phyllis Lim 
Sons-in-law: Anton, Yok Lin 
Grandsons: Raymond, Mervyn, Peter
Granddaughters: Susan, Lisa 
The cortege left from 49 Oei Tiong Ham Park. 

Tan Lieo Nio and Lim Liat Boen


The family photo below is of Arthur Lim visiting Christine Tan Lioe Nio's parents, Tan Tjan Bie (former owner of sugar factory Kebun Agung outside of Malang) and The Hok Nio. In the picture, you can see Lim Liat Boen and Tan Lioe Nio's children - Gladys Lim and Phyllis Lim. 

Lim Liat Boen and Tan Lioe Nio with the maternal branch Tan's
(photo courtesy of the family of the late Tan Sin Tuan) 

Location of tomb 

Block 3 Section C, plot 632. The tomb is close by to many clusters nearby including;

Tomb of Arthur Lim Liat Boon overgrown

Children of Arthur Lim made visible after the roots of the fig tree were cut



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