Wee Chin Kiang (Bukit Brown)

Wee Chin Kiang passed away at No. 421-F Yeo Choo Kang Road (Yio Chu Kang Road) at the age of 52 on 25 October 1933. In the newspaper article, it states he left behind 3 sons, Messrs. Wee Sian Thoe, Wee Sian Leok and Wee Sian Kee), 4 daughters, 1 son-in-law and several grandchildren to mourn his loss. (however on his tomb, 4 names of son were listed).
Listed on his tomb are the name of his children;
Sons: Wee Sian Thoe, Wee Sian Leok, Wee Sian Kee, Wee Sian Hee
Daughters: Wee Suat Neo, Wee Kuan Neo, Wee Sin Neo, Wee Bin Neo

Wee Chin Kiang was once the vice President of the Singapore Mutual Improvement Association in 1913. The Association was established in 1912 with its club-house at 9 Short Street. Its President was Tan Chi Kong. In the public examination (15 September 1921) in the bankruptcy of Mr. Wee Chin Kiang of Kiang Brothers, Orchard i get  more insights about him. Wee Chin Kiang was born in Singapore and was 39 years (name and timeline for age matches closely making me a bit more confident that they are possibly the same person). He was a book keeper at Messrs. Guthrie and Co for 16 years up till March 1919 with a salary of $125 a month. In 1915, together with his mother, brothers and another, they started Kiang Brothers or Chop Chin Lee and became a grocer which dealt in liquors and tinned provisions with a capital of $3,500. In 1916, $4,200 was added (which came from the estate of his father). Of this sum, $2,00 was used to by another business, Lee Seng and Co (a money lending business). In 1917 his wife passed away and he married again. At the end of 1919, his mother and remaining brother retired leaving Wee Chin Kiang as sole partner. As time went on, he had more loses from his business then profit. He borrowed money from chetties and eventually was forced to pawn all his jewellery and furniture owing a total of $44,426. 

Wee Chin Kiang

Kiang Brothers, Chop Chin Lee 
9 Orchard Road


Son: Wee Sian Thoe
I saw an article where Wee Sian Thoe was mentioned to be a staff of the Raffles Museum and Library in 1935. (I can't be exactly sure that this is the same Wee Sian Thoe, eldest son of Wee Chin Kiang). 

Wee Sian Thoe 

Son: Wee Sian Leok
The engagement is announced of Mr. Wee Sian Leok, the popular Singapore and Malayan amateur featherweight champion weightlifter and second son of Mr. and Mrs. Wee Chin Kiang and nephew of Mr. and Mrs. Wee Chin Kam to Miss Margaret Lee Joo Lian, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lee  Chim Sian in 27 September 1932.  

Wee Sian Leok (second son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Wee Chin Kiang) married Miss Lee Joo Lian (eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lee Chim Sian) at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Lee Chim Sian at 180 East Coast Road in November 1933. 

Wee Sian Leok 

Madam Lee Joo Lian passed away at the age of 85 on 22 April 1993 and his survived by;
Son: Edwin Wee
Daughter-in-law: Ngiew Kim Eng, Jowee 
Grandsons: Ivan Wee, Kevin Wee

Lee Joo Lian 

Son: Wee Sian Kee

Wee Sian Kee 

Daughter: Wee Suat Neo / Wee Swat Neo
Mr. Yeo Chwee Choo of Derrick of Co., (only son of Mr. Yeo Peng Tin of Hong Kong Shanghai Bank) is engaged to Miss Wee Swat Neo (eldest daughter of Mr. Wee Chin Kiang ) in July 1924. The marriage will take place at his residence, No. 74 York Hill.

Daughter: Wee Kuan Neo
The engagement is announced between Mr. Tan Boon Wah (the only son of Mr. and Mrs. Tan Keng Kiat and grandson of Mr. Tan Jiang Tee ) to Miss Wee Kuan Neo (second daughter of the late Mr. Wee Chee Kiang). The marriage will take place on 6 February 1939.  Madam Wee Kuan Neo passed away at the age of 84 on 28 October 1996.

Wee Kuan Neo

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Location of tomb 

Block 3 Division C, plot 473

sons of Wee Chin Kiang

daughters of Wee Chin Kiang 


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