Chan Khay Thock and Chua Chuan Neo (Bukit Brown)

Chan Khay Thock passed away at the age of 73 on 7 February 1939. Madam Chua Chuan Neo passed away at the age of 84 on 22 March 1965. 
Sons: Chan Kok Leong, Chan Kok Teng, Chan Kok Khong, Chan Kok Poon, Chan Kok Tuan, Chan Kok Him
Daughter: Chan Khim Neo, Chan Hean Neo, Chan Eng Neo, Chan Cheok Neo, Chan Vin Neo
Grandsons: Chan Hua Bak, Chan Hua Pye, Chan Hua Chye, Chan Hua Beng
Granddaughters: Chan Ban Neo, Chan Chiok Tee, Chan Siew Kim, Chan Siew Liang, Chan Siew Geck, Chan Kim Kee

Chan Kay Tock 

Location of tomb 

Block 4 Section C, plot 1280




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