Friday, January 27, 2006

Fraser Hill

We planned for this trip sometime back and finally we went. Me and 3 other friends when on this trip together on 7 -10 Jan . Fraser Hill is located 1500 metres above sea-level in the state of Pahang on the Titwangsa Range . Titwangsa range also boast places like Genting Highlands (for the high-rollers) and Cameron Highlands.

Leaving Singapore
We took a train via Keretapi Tanah Melayu Berhad (KTM)-SGD $30. This is my first time taking a train out of Singapore. While waiting for the train to depart(22:15 hrs), we had dinner at the train stesen. The food was good (mutton soup, fried rice, etc).

Arriving at KL
Arrived KL sentral at 7am very i didn't get too much sleep. Next time, try the sleeping berths ok.haha..Getting too old and becoming a creature of comfort. Recovered after kopi at McDonalds .From KL sentral,we got a cab for RM$140 , from a taxi standard counter at KL Sentral.

Onwards to Fraser Hill
Our taxi driver was a nice man named John and that made the trip to Fraser Hill, a good one.
The trip took us past Kuala Kubu Bahru. Had 2nd breakfast there. Yummy yummy. On our way after and after passing thru the "Gap" - a section of 8 km road that is only one way or one direction at a time. (So if you are travelling up/down Fraser, take note of the gap operating times). Fraser Hill is cloudy and misty !!!!

Arrived finally at our home for the next three days - Jelai Highlands Resort, (tel- 609-3622600/HP-019-388 9002 /fax -609-3622604). A 2-standard bed is RM110 (which includes breakfast). The place itself is pretty neat but everything felt damp...

Scenary around Fraser Hill
We started by taking a walk to the town center where the Post office, food and grocery shop is located. Most of the trails were close for some sort of renovation, Abu Suradi Trail (closed), Bishop's Trail (closed)..only Hemmant and Rompin Trail seem to be opened. There are a few quaint black and white houses legacy of the British. Fraser Hill was named after this dude named James Louis Fraser in the late 1890's, a miner. Fraser vanished one day while bringing back crude tin ore....He has remain"lost" till this day. Last year some young boy's got lost in the jungles of Fraser Hill. Malaysian Ranger and Voluntary soldier's could not find them.. It took the help of the Sultan of Pahang who asked an örang asli for assistance. This dude did what many did not - follow the boys trail and found them alive and well...Power lah !!

Check out my next posting(s) on food and wildlife in Fraser Hill...


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