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Oh Tiang Soo and family (Bukit Brown)

Oh Tiang Soo passed away on 24th November 1942. He is buried in Hill 4 Division C, plot 1871. Listed the name of his children on the tomb are his sons; Oh Sin Inn and Oh Sin Teck and daughter; Oh Kim Soh. Beside him is the tomb of Mrs. Oh Tiang Soo (nee Khoo Pek Yong Neo alias Besar) who passed away at the age of 51 at her residence at No 129 Pasir Panjang Road ( 6 1/4 mile) on 9th January 1940. She is survived by her two sons; Oh Sin Inn and Oh Sin Teck and daughter; Oh Kim Soh.


Father: Oh Kee Chuan
Mr. Oh Kee Chuan was the founder of the business in Robinson Road, Singapore, carried on under the style of Chuan & Co., commission agents, general dealers, and canteen suppliers to the British and foreign navies and the mercantile marine. They have  a large stock, and guarantee their goods. Mr. Oh Kee Chuan was born in 1871 in Singapore. He started life as a gutta merchant in 1892, and in 1900 established the present business. He is a landed proprietor and a member of the Sporting Club and the Weekly Entertainment Club. He has one son, Mr. Oh Tiang Soo, aged eighteen years, who is married and in business with his father. Oh Kee Chuan gave up interest of his business, Chuan & Co on April 1908 and this was transferred to his son, Oh Tiang Soo. In 1910, Oh Kee Chuan was appointed as the Compradore for The Great Eastern Life Assurance Company, Limited as of 1 November, 1910.

Oh Kee Chuan 
In a 1908 article, it was mention that the business of Chuan & Co. as of 9th March 1908, has since been carried out by Tjia Kim Boh and Oh Tiang Soo as partner. In that article, Tjia Kim Boh was listed as Oud-Luitenant der Chineezen, Palembang  (Former Lieutenant of Palembang). Chuan & Co was listed to be in No 18 and 19 Robinson Road.

Mother: Tay Soon Neo
Madam Tay Soon Neo, wife of Oh Kee Chuan passed away at the age of 49 on 31 August 1921. She is survived by Oh Tiang Soo, Oh Tiang Hock and Oh Choo Neo and son-in-law, Mr. Tan Eng Chuan. According to the article, she lay interred at Sang Kow Tia.

Sister: Oh Choo Neo (Mrs. Tan Eng Chuan)
Oh Choo Neo passed away at the age of 41 at her residence at No 181 Onan Road on 24 June 1937. She is survived by her husband, 4 sons; Masters Tan Lian Wah, Tan Bang Soo, Charlie Tan, Willie Tan. Madam Oh Choo Neo is buried in Bukit Brown.

Son: Oh Sin Inn
The marriage of Oh Sin Inn, eldest son of Mr. Oh Sin Inn and the late Mrs. Oh Sin Inn (nee Besar) to Miss Tan Hood Neo, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Tan Boon Seng took place on 6th October 1940.

Tomb of Mr and Mrs Oh Tiang Soo

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