Thursday, October 06, 2005

To blog or not to blog.....

Been pretty busy lately with work and have not been posting for a couple of months since recovering from dengue.
Yup, i fell victim to dengue and became one of the many statistics of people who caught dengue.

1) Getting dengue really sucks....
2) The 1 week MC i got was not enough...(i still felt so tired)
So folks, take the necessary precaution if you can, but no need until spray yourself silly everytime you go out.

The National Environment Agency even came up with website on weekly updates of dengue hotspots . Not bad ah!! i just hope the mosquito(es) are not Internet savvy and check out this website and move to other spots, before the relevant agencies take action..hahaha.

For those of you out there, take care. Live long and prosper.


Ivan Chew said...

So what's this post got to do with blogging? Blogging associated with Dengue Fever? Must have some "chim" stuff there... : )
Seriously, glad you recovered. Stay well.

Daniel Choy said...

yeah. good to know you ok liao.

you want to start a blog on the various calamities, diseases and political quarrels that Singapore has? think that would eb quite interesting.

Each year, you would have at least a couple of good topics to blog on...and throw in indepth research, we would have a good "thick" blog

Rojak Librarian said...

Thks Ivan , daniel for your well wishes.....

I don't know mind is rojak , always running from one topic to another..