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"Majoor" Wee Boon Teng (Bukit Brown)

Born in Singapore in 1864, "Majoor" Wee Boon Teng alias Oei Boon Teng, was educated at the Lye Fatt English school before going to Sumatra to join his uncle, Kapitan Wee Leong Tan alias Wee Tan, a well-know trader. Kapitan Wee Leong Tan's youngest son is Capitan China Wee Chim Yean.

In 1890, Wee Boon Teng was appointed "Luitenant China" of Selat Panjang, a place in east coast Sumatra, and after twenty years' of service, he received the silver medal. In 1915, he was promoted to "Capitan China" and awarded the Netherlands East Indies or Dutch colonial gold medal. Before he retired in 1925, he was promoted to the rank of "Majoor" (a Netherlands East Indies title for Major).

Majoor Wee Boon Teng and his wife, Soh Gim Neo
(source: NewspaperSG)
Wee Boon Teng was a trustee of the Kim Mui Hoey Kuan (Hoo Chay Beoh Society), a society for all Chinese from Kim Mui district from the province of Fukien, China - now part of Taiwan. He celebrated his golden wedding in 1937, at the age of 73. Two years later he passed away. 

Wee Boon Teng passed away on May 2, 1939 at his residence, No. 5 Kim Yam Road, off River Valley Road at the age of 75, leaving behind 2 wives (one who is buried with him- Soh Gim Neo, died 82 years in 1948), 5 sons and 4 daughters. He is buried in Block 3 Division A, plot 670, 100 meters into the jungle away from the main road.

Madam Soh Gim Neo died at the age of 82 on October 27, 1948 at her residence in No 5 Kim Yam Road.
Majoor Wee (left) and his wife 
5 sons:  Wee Sin Wie, Wee Sin Choe (Managing director of Cheong Koon Seng & Co. Ltd), Wee Sin Ann, Wee Sin Oon, Wee Sin Poh and one adopted son, Goh Cheng San (Manager of United Chinese Bank Limited),

4 daughters: Wee Koon Neo (Mrs Ong Hong Guan), Wee Peck Lian (Mrs Lim Seng Kiang), Wee Swee Choo (Mrs. Chia Chiow Eng)  and Wee Swee Neo (Mrs. Khoo Eng Wah).

Grand sons: Wee Chwee Leng, Wee Chwee Swee, Wee Guan Chye, Wee Bock Suan, Wee Bock Keng
Grand daughters: Wee Kim Neo, Wee Chwee Kim, Wee Chwee Hok, Wee Bock Neo 

His tomb is flanked by 2 sikh guards.
Sikh guards at Majoor's grave
Son: Wee Sin Choe
Born in 1899 in Selat Panjang, Sumatra, he come down to Singapore in 1911 at the age of 12 and studied in Anglo Chinese School. In January 1920, he partnered with Cheong Koon Seng to established the Cheong Koon Seng & Co, Auctioneers, Appraisers and House agents at No 8 & 10 Chulia Street. In 1933, it became a limited company with Wee Sin Choe as its Managing Director. It became one of the best known auctioneers and appraisers in Singapore and was involved in appraisals of many big estates for the not only rich and prominent people but also for the colonial governments Estate Duty Department. During the Japanese occupation in 1942, Mr Wee Sin Choe's company continued as usual.
Wee Sin Choe's daughter, Wee Kim Neo and bridal attendant
(source: NewspaperSG)

Majoor  title on Wee Boon Teng's tomb

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A Majoor Discovery. from Bukit


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I am just speaking to my grandma whose grandfather was Wee Boon Teng. She says that there is a typo/mistake - it should be: "Wee Swee Neo (Mrs. Khoo Eng Wah)"

Her mother was Wee Swee Neo and her Father was Khoo Eng Wah.

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