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Tan Choon Kiat (Bukit Brown)

Tan Choon Kiat (1882-1933) passed away on 10th February 1933 at the age of 51 and is survived by his wife, Madam Lim Geok Yan and sons: Tan Choo Kee, Tan Choo Swee, Tan Choo Leng, Tan Choo Suan, Tan Choo Leng,  Tan Choo Kew ; daughter: Tan Lay Hong ; Grandsons: Tan Tian Chai, Tan Tian Hock. He is buried in Hill 3 Division C plot 585A

The tomb of Madam Lim Geok Yan, although prepared, does not have a death date indicated. She passed away on 11 October 1957. In the obituary notice, she is survived by 6 sons, 4 daughters ( Tan Lay Hong, Tan Ah Eng, Tan Kim Eng, Tan Seok Choo ). 9 daughter-in-laws, 2 son-in-laws, 32 grandchildren, 1 daughter-on-law, Kie Yan, son-in-law, Hioe  On Tjan.  The cortege left 51 Seng Poh Road for Kong Mi San Po Kak Si (Crematorium). She was cremated and not buried.

Tomb of Mr. Tan Choon Kiat in Bukit Brown  


Son: Tan Choo Kee
Tan Choo Kee (Assistant Secretary to Overseas Chinese Banking Corporation) married Miss Koh Bee Teck on 8 March 1936.Tan Choo Kee is the eldest son of the late Mr. Tan Choon Kiat. Miss Koh Bee Teck is the eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs Koh Kim Han. Mrs. Tan Choo Kee nee Koh Bee Teck unfortunately passed away 10 years later after her marriage.She passed away at the age of 34 at her residence in No. 51 Seng Poh Road on 9 December 1946. She is survived by her husband, 1 son (age 3 years old), Tan Kim Seah, 2 grandmothers, parents , 1 mother-in-law, brothers, sisters and brother-in-law. She is buried in Bukit Brown. Koh Bee Teck is the grand daughter of Koh San Hin and great-grand daughter of Koh Eng Hoon.

Wedding of Tan Choo Kee and Koh Bee Teck (source: NewspaperSG
Tan Choo Kee started his banking career with Ho Hong Bank after he finished his studies in Raffles Institution in 1928. When Ho Hong Bank, Chinese Commercial Bank and Overseas Chinese Bank merged to become Overseas Chinese Banking Corporation in 1938, he stayed on. He was sent to Surabaya branch in Indonesia as an accountant and return to Singapore just before its fall in 1941. During the Japanese occupation he worked in Yokohama Specie Bank Ltd as a liaison officer. After the war he joined Chung Khiaw Bank in 1956 and from there he climb up the ladder. The article that featured in him 1963, places him at 53 years of age and as Manager of Bukit Timah branch of Ching Khiaw Bank.
Tan Choo Kee (source: NewspaperSG)

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