Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Mangrove trees (i think they are called Api-api -fire fire -in Malay -i think good to be used as firewood /charcoal) welcomes you at the jetty in Ubin..The rhino rock is also a feature there during low tide. The Api -api trees were blooming !!!! Beautiful lah.

flower of Sonneratia alba or Perepat -Ubin Posted by Hello (with thanks to Sivasothi for identifying it)

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Sivasothi said...

This is acctually the flower of Sonneratia alba or Perepat; see the entry in mangrove guidebook.

But you are right, there is also a species of Api-Api (Avicennia sp.) at the jetty - A. alba has slender, pointed leaves, unlike Perepat, which has round leaves; check it out next time you are there.

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