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Yeo Yee Chee (Bukit Brown)

Yeo Yee Chee (楊以熾) (1879-1931) was a Chinese physician. Yeo Yee Chee Chinese Medical Hall ( 新壽春堂) was set up in 1911. Its first shop was located at Pickering Street. It later moved to Upper Cross Street and then to New Bridge Road. Yeo Yee Chee passed away at age of 52 in 1931. The traditional Chinese medicine business was carried on by his son Yeo Swee Hong (楊瑞洪) which continued his father's business and name.

Mr and Mrs Yeo Yee Chee

Yeo Swee Hong and his father, Yeo Yee Chee

Toad brand (蟾蜍药膏)

The most popular medicine  produced was "Toad" brand medical plasters and later medicated  creams. It was used for cuts, insect bites, rashes, fungi growth, piles, sores and other skin infections.  The Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) hall founded by Yeo Yee Chee is still in existence today as "Yeo Yee Chee Chinese Medical Hall". In 2001, when the TCM hall moved to Hong Lim Complex, the family decided to donate most of the old furniture and tools of the trade passed down from Yeo Yee Chee's time to the National Museum.

Toad Brand  (source:

Medicinal Cabinet from Yeo Yee Chee's shop (source: National Museum)

Yeo Yee Chee's tomb

Yeo Yee Chee's tomb can be found in Hill 5. He is buried together with his wife (1886-1941).

第16页 广告 专栏 1 南洋商报 (Nanyang Siang Pau), 15 March 1937, Page 16
A medical cabinet with counter. SGCool. National Museum, Singapore

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