Friday, April 15, 2011

Webcam of nesting eagles

What started out has a small local project to capture and document nesting behaviour of raptors via a camera placed near the nest, it has garnered widespread interest and fans. The live cam of the Raptor Resource Project featuring Decorah Eagles (or American Bald Eagles) nesting at Decorah, Iowa, USA made its presence known all over and i myself found out about via a report on Channelnewsasia.

Fans from all the world are able to go into the Ustream website and monitor the progress and developments of the nest, the hatchlings and its parents 24 hours, 7 days a week. Logging during night hours is no issue as the webcam has night vision capabilities as well. Reading their site, this infrared light is not visible to the raptors and watching the live stream at night, i see that they are unperturbed by it as well.

At the point of logging on April 14, i could see 3 very active and hungry hatchlings under the care of its parent. Reading the data log and screen captures, the eggs hatched on April 2, 3 and 6. Very recent indeed ! Their nest is located strategically in a private fish farm hatchery which means near food sources such as fish.  I could see on the far right of the nest 2 fishes caught to be fed to both parent and hatchlings.

14th April- Two of the hatchlings with head sticking out
(fishes visible on the top right of the nest)

14th April- Both parents back at the nest

15th April- Night time at the nest

16th April (10:35pm Singapore time - Snow settled
on the nest today !)
The webcams available is not just on the Decorah Eagles, but also raptors located all over such as the Peregrine Falcons,Osprey and even owls such as the Great Horned Owls. A wonderful spectrum of data that is been gathered here ! Simplify great work by a team of people surviving on the kindness and funding by likeminded people.

I will definitely visit the link again and see the progress of this raptors.

Source (last visited 14 April, 2011)
US eagle webcam becomes internet sensation. Channelnewsasia, 5 April 2011

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