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Tay Cheng Kee (Bukit Brown)

Tay Cheng Kee was the Vice President of the Ee Hoe Hean Club in 1923 during the time where Mr Lim Chwee Chian was serving as the president. Ee Hoe Hean Club is one of the oldest millionaire's club in Singapore that not only was a focal point for business and social club, but it also supported the revolutionary moment to overthrow the Qing Dynasty (Tungmenghui) as well as anti-Japanese movement via the China Relief Fund Union. Other prominent Presidents of this club include Tan Kah Kee and Lim Nee Soon. The club was gazetted as a historic site in 1995.

Tay Cheng Kee was one the shareholders of the Tanjong Pagar Docks and also from research, a ship owner.  As the ship owner of a passenger ship called s.s. Meranti, he was was fined for carrying passengers in excess of license.

In my research, i found various court settlements that Tay Cheng Kee had to face during his career. One included an auction in 1905 of 291 acres of coconut plantation land in Tanah Merah Kechil and 5 shophouses in Pearl Hill that belonged to him. This could be because of money issues or actual bankruptcy. However, i am unable to confirm for sure.

(source: NewspaperSG)

Victoria Memorial Fund ( 1902) "Our Day" Fund (1917)

Tay Cheng Kee died at the age of 56 at his residence at 40 Chin Swee Road, July 26, 1927. He left behind a widow, one son (Tay Eng Choon) and two daughters (Mrs Lim Seow Kiew, Mrs Cheong Hock Chwee).
In the tomb however, the names of 3 daughters were listed.
Tomb of Mr Tay Cheng Kee

His tomb is located at Hill 2 Division D and is affected by the highway. The LTA peg number is 1856.
Buried beside him are two of his wives. One is Tan Geok Neo, passed away on October 27, 1948, age 71.
The other is Wee Siew Yong, passed away on March 28, 1965. age 85.

Tan Geok Neo 

Wee Siew Yong 

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