Monday, October 14, 2013

Weaving through Bidadari (Birdwatching)

Weaving through Bidadari 
I spend some time on October 6, exploring Bidadari to catch sight of its bird live as the migratory season dawns upon Singapore again. Bidadari as proven itself to be a great stop-over point for migratory as well as it resident birds.

This is probably the last opportunity to catch sight of this beautiful feathered creatures in Bidadari before it is developed into a residential area and i hope you will spend some time to visit this before its transformation.
Birds of Bidadari (October 6, 2013)
There were many birders here as usual and most were focus on taking photos of this beautiful migrants. I was fortunate to met a few who helped me in identifying the different cuckoos.

Some of the birds that i managed to identify include:
  • Asian Paradise Flycatcher
  • Hill Myna
  • Lineated Barbet 
  • Malayan Cuckoo 
  • Drongo Cuckoo 
  • Indian Cuckoo
  • Laced Woodpecker (female) 

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