Sunday, May 24, 2015

Birdwatching in Bidadari ( Javan Munia ) May 2015

Visited Bidadari during an "off period" in the first and second week of May which is considered the end of the migratory bird season and not surprisingly i did not see many birds although there were shots by good photographers of the Asian Paradise Flycatcher in white morph and another elongated tail feathers during that period ! That was the main reason i went down to catch sight of the Asian Paradise Flycatcher. Unfortunately, no luck.

However, one of the birds i did manage to catch sight of was 4-5 Javan Munia feeding on a tree which was a first for me  in Bidadari. Same as well as for Richard's Pipit. Other than that a poor outing for me. Such is birdwatching. Sometimes, you see a lot and sometimes you don't.

Javan Munia in Bidadari, May 2015
Javan Munia
Javan Munia
Javan Munia
Richard's Pipit in Bidadari May 2015
Richard's Pipit
Long-tailed Parakeet in Bidadari, May 2015
Long-tailed Parakeet 
White throated Kingfisher in Bidadari, May 2015
White throated Kingfisher

Purple throated Sunbird in Bidadari, May 2015
Purple throated Sunbird 
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